XK01 Draining Battery - Need Reference


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I found out a couple days ago by the process of elimination that my bypass module is the cause for my battery running down over about 3 days time down to 12.0 volts from 12.6 fully charged. I did a combination of current tests and just unplugging fuses over a months time and finally found the problem.

What I need to know is if the following connections are ok before I take my truck back in to the installer to replace the XK01. Thanks.


1 Brown – Viper Blue/White - negative 200 mA 2nd status defogger
2 Green – Viper H4/1 Green
3 Blue – Viper H4/3 Blue
4 Violet/White – Green - Negative Door Trigger Input
5 Violet – OBDII pin 2 Violet
6 Pink/White – NC
7 Pink – NC
8 Orange – Viper Green/Black - Factory Alarm Disarm

9 Red – Soldered to 12v constant red ignition wire (column harness)
10 Black – Soldered together with other grounds and screwed to chassis.

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