Wheel bearing life?


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Hey everyone. I know the S10 series wheel bearings are garbage (at 131k I am on my 4th set and now I am using Timkens) but what is the normal lifespan on the Trailblazers for those? Are they the same? I have around 55k miles on my 07 and I noticed this evening somewhat of the same faint rumbling after 30mph I noticed a few months ago as a symptom for failing wheel bearings on my 98 Jimmy. However I am not noticing changes when I turn the wheels (or maybe it is not loud enough yet). Since I know eventually I am going to need them anyway (seems the norm for GM trucks) I ordered two Timkens for the Trailblazer and plan on making an appointment to examine them this week. Last oil change I checked the front wheels and noticed no play or issues/noises rotating them. I realize the chances are slim it is the front differential because it is not in 4WD and the unit is a remanufactured unit installed in January, but what other signs should I look for with these trucks? Thanks


The stockers on the Saab went at about 153k Km. There's a good thread to read on hubs:
Power Stop/Kinetic wheel bearing hubs?

Timken are usually a good bet. I say 'usually" because there have been a couple of reported failures. I have a set of cheapo's as per the thread and they've been good, now approaching 200k Km. I also have Timkens on the now defunct '02 TB EXT that outlived the truck at 300k Km that lasted about 100k that I will be keeping as spares.


I had one bum Timken that failed really early, but replaced under warranty and never had an issue after that.

My OEMs got over 120k before dying, after replacement never had an issue except for the defective one until I got rid of the truck with 215k on it. A good chunk of that time was with larger tires and wheel spacers also.


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It looks like I will be replacing both front hubs soon.

Are Timkins the best brand to get? I don't have a ton of cash to put down, but don't want to go really cheap and have to replace them sooner than I should.

Thanks :smile:


Check the thread I linked above regarding Kinetic. They've been good for me. Lots of other opinions in that thread too.


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Thanks all for the tips.... I was getting vibration in the wheel like warped brakes and the noise over 25mph this morning. Had them replaced today and both symptoms appear to be resolved. Quiet and smooth stopping. The passenger hub I am told was the culprit and it was turning like it had sand in it.


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Just replaced one of my front wheel bearings at about 115000 miles. Had them put timken on . To be honest this is the first vehicle I have ever had to replace wheel bearings on .

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