What... my truck was talking at startup!!!


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Had my truck in for an AC compressor replacement. Picked up. When I went to start it, it "squawked" a warning about ice or something and to be careful. Of course, there is no ice around here at this time.... thank god. Further the "ding ding" seemed to be very loud. I looked thru the DIC options and didn't see anything that would indicate that I can change those settings one way or the other.... or that there is any settings of this flavor. Further, it happened once more and then hasn't happened since... strange. Not sure I have ever heard a voice warning before. What's the scoop?


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If you've got OnStar, that might (?) be why you heard the actual 'voice'.

The 'ice possible' warning is hardcoded into the DIC's ROM. There's no way to deactivate it (from a legal standpoint, it would be a lawsuit waiting to happen, as the case could be made that someone accidentally disabled it.)

I do get the warning on my DIC (along with the chimes). No voice (but I ripped out OnSnoop, too)

Wonder what other 'seldom seen' warnings there are? (fluid temps, etc.)

I know I hate the one for low fuel - because when it shows up as 'Low Range', you LOSE the ability to turn it off and get the actual MTE that you were displaying until then. At least I could see it before it came on (when you're getting 7mpg with a trailer in the middle of nowhere, seeing that fuel needle move in near-real time, and calculating distance to your preferred gas station (cents-off or otherwise), you watch MTE along with the rest of the gauges...LOL)


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yep, I got the onstar module still installed. Its just strange as I am not sure I have ever heard any voice warnings coming from the truck before.... but maybe that one is the only one "set". I suspect that perhaps they unplugged the sensor at the front while they were replacing the compressor and prehaps they ran the vehicle with the sensor unplugged or otherwise. The external temperature reading on the console appears to be correct... although I didn't watch it at start up for the instance reported. Anyways, I too would like know if there are other "voice warnings" and if there was any form of control of those.

As for the "low range" on the fuel messages, I agree its a bad "system" as I too watch the level when I am pulling.... but I have learned not to rely on thus "rough calculations" especially in the middle of no where. :smile:


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Mine is 'turn potentiometer on aftermarket harness chime box' :tongue: ... but your method should work for the Sierra until I swap radios, as the chimes in it are TOO loud (they're also 'late' when I hit the door lock, but that's another thread).

Thanks for posting that! I didn't realize the stock chimes were adjustable.
You using Torque while driving? If so, turn that warning off in the settings.

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