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Hello everyone. I hope to find help here.

I own a 1996 Buick Park Avenue (model year 91-96). I have a VCX Nano and can also read error codes with Tech2Win. Unfortunately I now need a new PCM and that has to be reprogrammed. I ran through the following scenarios:

- Windows 10 64Bit -> VirtualBox -> Windows 7 32Bit -> TIS2000 -> Pass-Thru -> Error665

- Windows 10 64Bit -> Tech2Win -> OK

- (SPS) -> Login -> sometimes failed (error messages from the site) -> new IP -> with a lot of luck you will receive a Codo email -> then when ordering from SPS again "unknown error"

When I start TIS2000 I don't find an entry for a 1996 Buick Park Avenue, but only from 1997. I thought the TIS2000 is for all older models? Do I have to download an extra file so that <1996 models can also be seen on Buick?

Somehow I have no luck to be able to reprogram the PCM with the VCX Nano. Did I do something wrong? Should I rather install Windows 7 32Bit on the computer? I have a Lenovo T430.

Many thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english.


Hi and welcome! Your English is fine.

Does it have an OBD2 or 1 diagnostic port? Although it's a 1996, it should be OBD2 but because it's an export, it could be an oddball.

Unfortunately, some have had issues with the VCX Nano. And maybe because it's an older OBD2, it may have problems with it too.

I don't have my Tis2000 laptop in front of me but it should cover your car if it's an OBD2.

When creating a Virtualbox for Tis2000, it should be a Windows XP virtual machine. We also have some tutorials on those as well as running it in Windows 10.

How To Install TIS2000 on an RCA Cambio Tablet with Windows 10
Running TIS 2000 on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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