How To Install TIS2000 on an RCA Cambio Tablet with Windows 10


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How To Install TIS2000 on an RCA Cambio Tablet 10.1” with The Windows 10 (32) Bit Operating System:

(1) This Technique will NOT work on ANY of the 64 Bit Flavor Windows 10 Computers.

(2) Visit the Link Below and Follow the Instructions, On Screen Prompts and Screen Prints to Wake Up the Native (16) Bit Capabilities of Windows 10:

(3) Reboot the Tablet and Turn Off the WIFI, Firewall and Anti-Virus Apps.

(4) Use a Rioddas Standard USB External DVD Burner to Install the (3) TIS2000 Disks (NO PS Required). The RCA Cambio comes with One Standard Size 3.0 USB Port on the Side Plane.The Rioddas Unit is SWEET and STABLE.

(5) Use the Latest Flavor of TIS2000 (3) Disk Set of Installation CDs. Note that during the Final Disc Install... the 3rd Mini-Disk has a Properly Working Dongle Crack available as a single .DLL File to Copy/Transfer to the cosids/bin sub-directory. Rename the Old .DLL before doing this.

(6) Reboot the Machine and then, after turning on the WIFI, Firewall and Anti-Virus Programs, Select the TIS2000 Icon from the Desktop and put the App through its Paces to ensure that the SPS Program Functions properly... without any AV or FW interruptions that might harm the Tech 2 Hand Held Scanner. A GOOD USB to Serial Port Adapter WILL be required.

(7) That's all there is to it... No Complicated VMWARE… No Weird 'Windows Magic'… and No Entanglements. It is just a Direct CD Installation using the Hidden (16) Bit Drivers Native to the Windows 10 (32) Bit Edition to coax things along.


Why Do This?

Because the RCA Cambio (...Only $110.00 on Amazon) has a (6) Hour Battery Life and is Very Lightweight… with a VERY Small Foot Print that will allow it to sit on the Center Console or be rotated into a Tall Rectangle for ease of Touch Screen use inside the Cab. Also… it is nice because all of the other Windows 10 Apps still function and you can Install HP Tuners (The Latest Blue Tooth Version) on the same Tablet with plenty of room to spare for easy Data-Logging.

Nothing like Having Your Cake… and Eating it TOO! :>)

The RCA Cambio has both the Touch Screen and Wide Touch Mouse Pad options built into the included Magnetic removable QWERTY Keyboard that sports NICE BIG Keys and is nice and crisp when typing. The Screen quality ...even at 1280 X 800 Pixels is Clear and Bright. I installed a 256 Gigabyte Stick of Micro-Ram to bump it up from only 32 Gigs of OEM Storage. This thing made it EZ-PZ to install the Legacy TIS2000 Program… and I’m satisfied that it Runs Like A Champ. :>)

Hope This Helps... (To Get me out of 'Windows-Posting' Purgatory... :duh: )
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Very nice!

I would imagine that this would work on any computer capable of running Win10? And have you tested USB>Serial communication to the Tech 2 and confirmed full pass through capability? This seems to be the most pervasive issue of any install.

And for any Canucks, the Cambio is available on at the same price of $110CAD! It is a refurb though.

And for a USB to Serial adapter, I recently had to buy another one that worked with the online ACDelco TDS and the FTDI chipset works. Although I bought this particular one, the price has since doubled.



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Yes... This solution for Direct CD Installation should work on ANY Windows 10 Computer that supports the (32) Bit Operating System as a Fresh Installation.

Back in May of 2019 when we were discussing the problem of the "General USB to (9) Pin DIN Serial Port Adapters NOT Working..." I purchased this USB to Serial Port Adapter from Tripplite that has a solid reputation for NOT disrupting or losing RS-232 Serial Communications between the Laptop TIS2000 Program and the Tech 2 Scanner:


The only problem is... I looked High and Low for it once I finally finished setting up the RCA Cambio at 04:00 AM today and I could NOT find the Damned Thing. So I've ordered another one to arrive on Thursday, November 7th, 2019. I'll set up everything between the RCA Cambio and all of this Bosch Vetronix Tech 2 rigging and try to read an Extra LS P01 PCM. I'll take some Good Images of all this and post up the results back here once done, Warts and All.


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Part 1 of 2 Parts... Please Note... The following Text and Imagery in BOTH Parts need to be examined and observed together, else the explantions in either Part1 or Part 2 will be confusing:

Okay... with the arrival of the Tripplite KeySpan Model # USA19H USB to Serial Port Adapter, I conducted a Complete Test of the RCA Cambio 2 IN 1 Notebook/Tablet Model # W101SA23 T2 Computer using the Windows 10 (32) Bit Operating System in conjunction with the Bosch Vetronix GM Tech 2 AKA "GYMKO" Clone Scanner and a Delphi Model P01 PCM out of a 1997 Corvette.

I set this equipment up just as a regular TIS2000 Server would work... with the addition of using an UN-POWERED (4) Port USB Adapter to allow the use of the Tripplite Adapter AND a Wireless Mouse at the same time. There were neither any interference problems nor device failure issues as a result.

The Set Ups, Attachments and Performance of the TIS2000 Software in being able to communicate with (and for PASS-THRU Communications) using the Tech 2 Clone as well as within the Read and Write processes when Programming the PCM ...all worked FLAWLESSLY.

The follow-on Photo-Play displayed in this and the next follow-on Post will basically visually walk the Readers-Observers through the setting up of the various hardware and inter-play with the RCA Cambio in the logical, necessary steps needed to get the TIS2000 Program and the "GYMKO" Clone Tech 2 to 'Play Well Together':


Part 2 of 2 Follows in (10) Minutes... (17:52 Hrs on 11/07/2019)
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Part 2 of 2:

It is VERY Important to use the CD included with the Tripplite KeySpan Adapter to INSTALL THE WINDOWS 7 [Yup, that's '7'... NOT '10'] SERIAL PORT DRIVERS First and then re-booting the Machine. When using the RCA Cambio with the TIS2000 Program, prior to attempting the SPS Procedures, use the On-Screen Tech 2 Scanner Icon to test and ensure that there is good communication between the Cambio Computer and the Tech 2. Use the software feature to "Turn On the Tech 2" and the Correct COM Port will be selected, allowing everything that follows on to work perfectly.

I chose to use the Bench Top Set Up as a Working Example because those who choose to Program their own PCMs for Modifying their TUNES via HP Tuner Software will much prefer using THIS method over struggling with the myriad power loss problems seeking stable Voltages for ALL of the involved Gear inside of the Vehicle(s). The Benchtop setting is the least likely environment to cause the PCM to become "Bricked"... as long as a decent UPS Back Up System in employed.

Nonetheless... The RCA Cambio along with the other requisite Gear WILL all function inside of the Cabs of Trucks and SUVs as well as GM Passenger Vehicles, just like any other Laptop Computer capable of using the ACDelco TIS2000 Software and the "GYMKO" Clone Scanner. If others using different Brand-makes-Model of Windows 10 Tablets try these ideas out and find things work differently...or Fail... Please Post those results up here and advise us all on any Work-around Techniques you wind up using to solve any such issues.

The Last Image attached below shows the Tripplite KeySpan USA-19H USB-Serial Adapter attached to the RS-232 Tan (9) Pin DIN Plug to RJ-45 (4-Pair Twisted Wires) Adapter... screwed together. Since this can be such a nuisance on a typical Serial Port Back-Plane installation... I think I'll just leave these two items attached and drop it into the Bosch Vetronix Case for later use. :>)

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