Twin Turbo Trailblazer Toys with Them..........


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Day-umm... that vid gets better and better as it goes on. (thx for posting, @aaserv ) :tiphat:

Especially liked him spanking the Dodges with their Hay-mee engines. :dielaugh::raspberry:

Thought the white Charger finally had him at the end, as he launched perfectly. But our SS drove around him (for his fastest pass of the video). Was the closest race, too.

I won't spoil things by saying exactly what he ran... but his times pretty much *require* a roll cage (and he has one, as you'll see after the first two passes). Impressive. :hail:

Wonder what he's running for a front diff, as he's definitely still got AWD on that thing.
You just shake your head as he leaves most of the cars in the dust from the dig. A couple of them, I thought... "hell, I'd shut it down... why bother finishing the pass?"


Imagine this same setup in a lighter non-SUV vehicle. However that extra rear weight does give some extra traction. Not so sure if he's running AWD as he wouldn't be able to do the rear-only burnouts, unless I'm missing something. In either case, a mid-8's TBSS is mighty impressive.


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You make a good point with the rear-only burnouts. :duh:

It looked to me when he launched, that the fronts were under traction. Maybe he switched to a part-time 4WD setup?

IIRC, the TBSS uses that same funky Borg-Warner t-case that's in TollKeeper's new ride (which is a 40/60 split, f/r)


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He could have a disconnect operating with a switch for burnouts. If he is using AWD I would like to know what he has in the front end that can survive the massive HP he is generating. Can a stock TBSS front diff and cv joints survive double the normal power??????

This is the 2002 trailblazer that I would like to have:
I like the chief engineer on the 4.2L inline-six who says "The point was to demonstrate the bullet-proof nature of this engine with fairly minor modifications."
I would like to make these "minor modifications" myself :smile:
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