Trans disconnect advice please


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I need to slide my trans back to check for a flexplate or other parts that are making a knocking/scraping noise. I did search and thought for sure I'd find some guidance but didn't find much of anything.
07 2wd 4.2.
Looking for maybe a list of everything I need disconnected, and best way to get to top bolts, etc.
Thanks for any advice.


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This is what I've found so far.

Technically, you want to unbolt the TC from the flywheel and remove it with the transmission. When it goes back in the truck, you want the TC seated in the case (it 'locks' in by spinning it one rotation, a second one seats it to the tabs, and a THIRD finally seats it properly (you'll have 1
1/4 max clearance from the TC bolt pads to the edge of the bellhousing.)) The strap comes in handy for that.

The way to get access to the top two bolts is to unbolt the transmission mount, followed by
removing the rear cross-member. Then lower the transmission (while nothing is unbolted between the bell housing and engine of course) a little bit until you have room to maneuver your 4 feet-or-so of extensions to reach the top bolts; or lower it until it will not move anymore due to it making contact with the front cross-member. Make sure all lines & wiring harnesses are disconnected before you lower the trans. It will not damage anything if the trans and engine are at this angle sitting on the cross-member as long as wiring, lines, and shift cable are unattached.
Once you have those two top bolts removed, jack the trans back to it's normal position and then proceed to unbolt the rest of the bolts attaching the bell-housing to the rear of the engine. It helps if you have a long magnetic pick-up tool to reach the top bolts while there loose. They tend to get hung up on the brackets attached to the ling that runs up top of the bell-housing. They are reachable by hand, but it's not easy at all.



Yep, you pretty much answered your question yourself. Pretty much all there. I don't think any more can be added to that.

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