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Stumbled across a sweet deal this morning, thought I'd share though it probably applies mostly to Canadians.

Needed a torque wrench to properly complete my changeout of a couple hub assemblies , no options for rental or tool loans in my little town. I spotted one in this weeks Canadian Tire flyer @ $64.99 (regular $149.99) but when I went to pick it up, I had trouble locating it. As I browsed around looking, I spotted an even better deal with the exact same torque wrench bundled with a 24" flex head (non-ratchet) breaker bar, for the essentially identical ($65) sale price. The individual breaker bar regular list price is $41.99 though they're often sale priced around $25.

Anyway, getting both bundled for $65 vs regular price of $192 separately (or even vs $120ish separately at their normal sale prices) made me pretty happy... hope someone else benefits too :smile:

*EDIT - just noticed the above link for the bundle only shows the regular price...these seem to be in store specials, and some notes on the sale tag suggest it originally started sometime in August - unsure how long they will stay at this price, but probably longer than the individual torque wrench in the flyer which likely expires Thursday. ALSO, the torque wrench pictured in the link to the bundle is not accurate - the actual TW in the bundle is identical to the one pictured with the individual link, and the plastic hard case is also included in the bundle

**EDIT #2 - the deal got even sweeter this week, now in the flyer at $54.99!
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That is a good deal if you can find it in your particular store. I think this bundled torque wrench is better as it goes all the way to 250 lb/ft. My Princess Auto one only goes to 150 I think.

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Great deal and good brand name, try hard to get it.


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Not sure if this thread is being continued... but I found a decent 1/4" Drive - Inch Pounds Torque Wrench this morning that I have nothing like, but needed for the pending "light fastener" work to be done on my Donor Engine. The Amazon Price (Prime Customers = $36.22) and the Quality and the contrasting scale might be of interest to others with a similar T-W Tool requirement that helps keep the damned thing under $100> + :"inch+pound+torque+wrench"


Not bad. Looks just like my Harbor Freight one that works awesome. Its nice to have 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 as needed. Just solid tools to keep for a lifetime.


Also looks exactly the one they sell here at Princess Auto, the HF of the north. definitely worthwhile to have.


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Un-Boxing Images of the CAPRI Pro Series Model # 31007 20-245 Inch Pound Torque Wrench:

If you lowered your expectations after deciding to purchase this tool for under $37.00 … you are in for a very pleasant surprise:

The Original Carton, Black Plastic Blow-Molded Carry Case and Instructions, Laser Tool Markings and Written Instructions are all of extremely high quality, Glossy, Nylon paper, etc… so it appears that CAPRI is trying to make a very good ‘first impression’ that speaks to the issues of Quality and Consistency of their Tool Manufacture. No Crappy Pulp Paper or Poor Quality Instructions Here.

The Tool has a Nice, Satin Finish and most importantly… the Distinct Level Markings are Black on Silver for the Inch Pound Graduations on the Barrel … and White on Black for the Handle Micro-Torque Measurements. The Handle Heel Twist-Lock works very securely to hold the handle to the barrel correctly on the targeted torque levels.

This 1/4” Micro-Ratcheting Drive Tool Socket Head is almost dainty in appearance… but the Tool is weighty and substantial; with a wide range of Torque that runs from a low of 20“ lbs all the way up to 245” lbs … and that would put “The Sweet Spot” for its mid-range accuracy to be the highest around 110 “ lbs. I think that this is generally the proper location you would want the device to do its best work.

There are ample labels, instructions and warnings that keep the Mechanic informed to “USE THE TOOL IN THE LOW END RANGE FIRST TO GET FAMILIAR WITH THE TOOL BY PRACTICING TO GET THE FEEL FOR THE CLICK-MECHANISM AND THE SOUND OF THE “CLICK”. Anybody who complains about not being able to either hear or feel the substantial input of the “click” probably never bothered to “RTFOM” in the first place. This device deserves a little preliminary practice and is meant to be used to keep us all out of trouble. This is because invariably… Mechanics use WAY TOO MUCH UNMEASURED HAND-TOOL TIGHTENING on Small Fasteners!

I have another Inch Pound Torque Wrench from Harbor Freight… and while I like to subsidize them with purchases of a great number of HF tools… its hard to make a close comparison between it and this CAPRI Model #31007. So if you have some Tool Bread to spend… you would not lose much sleep when the time comes to need a decent 1/4” Drive Micro-Ratcheting Torque Wrench and give those “light fasteners” their due diligence and you the Peace of Mind that none will get accidentally stripped out of their Aluminum resting places as well. This Little CAPRI Torque a Pretty Cool Tool.

--==Happy Wrenching==--
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