Thinking about purchasing an '02 Silvy...


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Jul 22, 2015
(on edit - well, it's already gone, so I guess it really was 'all that'. But, hey - I saved $5K ! LOL)

Listed w/ a private seller for $5K - and the vehicle has 125K miles. No rust that I can see, and has a roll-up tonneau and bedliner.

8cyl, Ext cab, 4x4, Z71, Tow, and the owner looks to have maintained it well, at least from the shots of the body I saw. 1 'family' vehicle (dad to son, perhaps?)

I sent a text to the owner and asked for a couple of addn'l pics, including the SPI label (I want to check that it has the 5.3L and (hopefully) a 3.73 w/ locker (not sure if the Tow or Z71 packages would give me either of those by default. The main thing is the 5.3L; I was going to say that I could swap the rear axle - but I'd need to change out the TC, too.

Posting a pic here for reference...from what I can tell, the paint imperfection behind the rear wheel looks to be mud (or similar), not rust. The other 4 shots I have look just as good.

Pros: 125K, appears *well* cared for, well-priced
Cons: age, and I'd probably sell the Envoy (and perhaps swap the transmissions, since mine is built to tow and has very few miles on it). Also, $5K leaving my pocket (perhaps a little less, but most likely around that amount). Haven't seen truck in-person yet.

05 Silvy 125K.JPG
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Nov 18, 2011
Sounds like a good one

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