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Just happened across pictures of the server racks we build here at my job, that I do Quality Assurance on:



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2 of 3 words in "Wichita State University" misspelled on water tower.
WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) — Wichita State University now reads "Wichita Staty Universite" on the water tower near 17th and Oliver.

A June 30 university news release said workers with the city of Wichita would add the current yellow and black WSU logo to the water tower facing southwest, with a WuShock logo facing northeast.

WSU's Media Relations Director Joe Kleinsasser had one comment on the misspelling: "Does anyone have ten gallons of white out?"

Lauragail Gamble with the City of Wichita said crews are returning to the water tower now to fix the work that started Friday morning. The City of Wichita also tweeted out a photo of the misspelling with the caption: "We are "sory" and will get it "fixted" "A S I P."

We are "sory" and will get it "fixted" "A S I P."

— City of Wichita (@CityofWichita) August 4, 2017 upload_2017-8-6_20-19-31.jpeg


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Vermont boy reels in a record-setting carp
FERRISBURGH, Vt. (AP) — A 10-year-old who reeled in a giant carp says he knew it was a record contender before he ever got it ashore.

Chase Stokes' fish did indeed set a state record in Vermont. It weighed in at 33.25 pounds (15.08 kilograms).


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upload_2017-8-15_9-8-5.png upload_2017-8-15_9-8-5.png
Police: 2 transporting gas grill hurt after SUV explodes when wife lights cigarette

Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017

Two people were hurt Sunday while transporting a gas grill when a woman lit a cigarette and their SUV exploded, police said.

  • SUV with gas grill inside explodes near Central Florida Fairgrounds
  • Police said woman went to light a cigarette inside the vehicle
  • 2 people suffered non-life-threatening burn injuries
The crash happened at about 3:26 p.m. at the entrance of the Central Florida Fairgrounds near colonial Drive and Pete Parrish Boulevard.

The man and his wife had a gas barbecue grill in the back of their Kia Sorento, according to Lt. Cindy Lane, of the Orlando Police Department.

The grill was turned on and the propane tank attached to the grill was open and connected. Police said the wife went to light a cigarette and the SUV exploded.

The vehicle continued westbound and crashed into a pole. The driver and the passenger, who weren't identified, were transported to an area hospital with burns. Their injuries are non-life-threatening, Lane said.

Pictures sent out via the Orlando Police Department's Twitter account show severe damage to the SUV.


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Man Caught Driving With Pliers For A Steering Wheel... pliers-for-steering-wheel.jpg
A solid decision making news, a man in Australia was recently caught driving with a set of vice grips instead of a steering wheel. Where did the steering wheel go? No clue, but after 286,000 kilometers pieces are bound to start falling off.

Police in Australia said that a white sedan was driving dangerously in Adelaide and when they pulled it over, the car was not registered, not insured and had been involved in a previous hit and run car crash.

The driver is being charged with driving "while disqualified and returning a positive drug test." Of course.

Ahahahhaha, of course the car had been involved in a previous hit and run. Because when you hit a car when you're driving with pliers you do NOT wait around for the cops to show up. Also, is anybody really surprised that the dude failed his drug test? Because driving your car with pliers is definitely not an idea you come up with sober.


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LAFAYETTE, LA – With the heavy rains quickly approaching the Acadiana area over the next few days, the Cajun Navy can take heart in the fact that their new naval destroyer has been delivered to them in their efforts to help the local populous.

Thanks to plenty of donations to the Cajun Navy after last year’s August floods, the group were able to purchase the $1.8b Arleigh Burke-Class Destroyer, and it seems that it has been completed just in the nick of time.

“We were loading up the trusty yet old wooden boat onto the back of a truck when the contractor called”, explained Cajun Navy member Robert Kraft, “He said that it was ready for usage and that he’d parked it in a Youngsville neighborhood with the keys in the ignition. It couldn’t have come at a better time, what with Harvey hitting the area as it has done.”

The CNS Thibodeaux is most certainly an upgrade from the janky old rowing boat that was used in the past, and can hold up to 500 people at a time. It will be primarily used to rescue stranded citizens and deliver supplies in heavily flooded areas and, but officials did admit that it would be a complete waste “if it wasn’t used to blow some stuff up now and then”.

“I mean, the weaponry is on board. So I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want to shoot some cans off of a fence-line with a 20mm Phalanx. But for the most part we will be using it to just, y’know, save people and stuff.”

It is believed that the Thibodeaux will not even have time for it’s naming ceremony, as it is immediately being directed to Texas to assist those in need. upload_2017-9-4_20-52-6.jpeg


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Man accepts wife's challenge to protect car from Hurricane Irma:
'I have a car in my f------ living room!' Man accepts wife's challenge to protect car from Irma
Mai-Lee Acea is nothing if not a doting wife. When her husband asked if he could get his vintage car into the house ahead of Hurricane Irma, she dutifully replied, "Yes, no problem, babe."
There was just one tiny condition: He had to figure out how to wedge it in through the sliding glass doors of their Hialeah townhouse. The home doesn't have a garage.
For Mai-Lee, it was the perfect plan. She'd get some points for feigning "compromise," a skill the local couple, married since 2012, have been working on since stints on reality TV shows "Bridezilla" and "Marriage Bootcamp" on We TV.
"We are always arguing, so we've learned a lot of compromising techniques during our marriage," she said. "But I never thought he would do it — it was a joke. That was the compromise."
The joke, it turned out, was on her.
As Mai-Lee was upstairs Friday evening, Tomas Acea was downstairs dismantling the sliding glass doors that lead to their living room, making just enough space to squeeze in his dark red Datsun 240Z, a 1987 Nissan model he has been restoring for two months.
In a video Mai-Lee posted on Facebook, she walks in on her husband and brother-in-law taking apart the glass doors.
"What the f--- did you do to my glass door?" she asks incredulously.
"Where else am I supposed to put 'the Z,' " Tomas replies.
"Actually, that was the fastest I had seen him work," she said Saturday in an interview. "The rest of the shutters must have taken hours but the sliding glass door must have taken 10 minutes."
Tomas backed the car into the living room Friday evening, hours before the first gusts of Hurricane Irma were felt in Miami-Dade County. And for good measure, he covered it with plastic, reassembled the glass doors and boarded them up with metal shutters.
"Babe, you gotta get me some tape," Tomas told his wife in a video on her Facebook as he wrapped the car in plastic.
"Sure, sure. I'll get you some tape for the car in my living room. Not a problem," Mai-Lee replied sarcastically.
And just like that, Tomas joined the ranks of car-obsessed South Floridians, who, faced with the potential devastation of a hurricane, adopt the age-old mantra: No car left behind.
Last year, a couple in Cutler Bay drove a Toyota Venza into their family room ahead of Hurricane Matthew, which ultimately left South Florida relatively unscathed. Including the car in the hurricane plan dates back at least to the 1960s.
The Aceas ultimately boarded up their house, said goodbye to 'the Z,' and went to stay with family to weather Hurricane Irma.
Mai-Lee is still pretty bitter she was duped, though.
"He loves that stupid car more than he loves the rest of us," she said.


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'Spider-man' spotted aiding in Hurricane Irma cleanup in Florida

He wasn't shooting webs from his wrists or flinging his body off roof tops, but a Florida man was certainly living up to the moniker "Your friendly neighborhood Spider-man" in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma this week.

A Bradenton woman, Cheryl Hanbury, posted a photo to her Facebook page of a Spider-man with a chain saw scaling a tree in her neighborhood. Hanbury wrote the Spider-man was helping cut up the huge tree that covering her street and blocking the roadway on Monday. Since then, people have been sharing her snapshot and enjoying Florida's sense of hurricane humor.

She said the tree was about 100 feet high but didn't hit anyone when Irma sent it crashing to the ground.

She saw Spider-man with another man in a black pick-up truck, she said, but didn't know who the mask-clad helper was.

"(and) no, it's not my husband," she wrote.