So I was woken from a sound sleep today (Thursday the 5th)


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What woke me you ask? The ever so rare (like legit I've been in this house 3 and a half years and I can count on one hand the number of people that done this) someone knocked on my door (this is unusual because i'm in the basement, most knocks are on the upstairs door, so only certain people know to come downstairs if they want me.

Alright enough with the suspense (you guys already looked at the pictures anyway), it was a Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, Monday night 2 and a half weeks ago I was doing my normal routine of working my way through all the games I deemed worth my time, collecting my tokens and on one of the lotto cards I did the scratch off and ended up winning $10k instantly, LIKE BAM, ton of bricks meet Daniel, Daniel meet ton of bricks, you just earned 25% of your average annual income in a few seconds playing a game online that you never expected to ever actually win anything of substance from, I kept this quiet until I had the check in hand (in case it was a computer glitch, which has happened before with PCH if you google it), the second surprise was having won other giveaways before (GTX 1080ti giveaway from Nvidia 22 months ago) I just expected to get a bunch of papers to sign and send back, but nope the guys actually showed up with one of those big novelty check card things (if you check the PCHOfficial Instagram page you will see me on there in my summit racing hat and blue shirt).

Long story short, PCH isn't a scam, real people do win and NO you don't have to buy anything to win. Also if you do win, they don't want money from you to pay the taxes or any crap like that, you pay your own taxes, anyone saying you have to give them money to get your prize is a scammer.

Also the great debate, what do you do when you can a bouquet of flowers and don't own a vase? #ManVase thats what, you use a 5 gallon home depot bucket, second picture is my nightly routine where I sit with 3 separate browser windows open to get as many games played in as little time as possible and the third picture is a screenshot (with the vital info redacted) of what I saw the night I won.



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That's pretty awesome. I used to play their online stuff too years back, but eventually gave up. Glad to see someone had some success! :2thumbsup:


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That's pretty awesome. I used to play their online stuff too years back, but eventually gave up. Glad to see someone had some success! :2thumbsup:
Me and my dad both had previously won $10 each and my dad eventually gave up playing, but I kept going just reduced the amount of the different games I played, basically if the prize was below 10k I stopped playing because I was sinking far to many hours into it each night trying to play every last game possible.

The funny story is I was approved for my loan on the Civic I bought from my brother and his wife on Friday the 16th and I got the loan for 10k, then Monday Night immediately following that Friday I won the amount I got the loan for. Not that I'm gonna use it to pay off the car, the interest rate on that loan is 2.74% and it's like $300 a month for 3 years so no reason to use the money for that, the interest amount is so low it would be silly to pay off the car and not use that money to advance the timeline on my reno.


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If you can afford to stare at that check for a little while and not touch a Penny of that amazing Boon... Consider looking at THIS Link as an alternative. Look also very closely at your Dear Father...keeping in mind that some will BE him and need Money enough to live well on during the Most Difficult Time in the American Economy.

My Wife and I are living proof that if you invest wisely and regularly contribute to an IRA or a Retirement Plan when young... when You and your Money finally reach will ALL get along Very Well Together on the Dividends that a Modest "Grub-Stake" NOW can provide LATER. Your happiness and security will depend upon doing this, Dan...if you don't squander this wonderful opportunity:

Best of Luck with your Decision...


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@MRRSM The majority of this money will likely go into the remodel on the house, I am literally living in a construction zone I haven't had a functional tub or shower on this level of the house for over a year (having to go upstairs and use the shower up there or use other methods of bathing), I also have a lot of half finished framing and partially installed drywall and stuff that frankly needs to get done, investing the money into finishing this project will increase my houses value far more then putting that money into a CD or something, but don't worry, I have a few computers mining cryptocurrencies and have managed to rack up over a third of a Bitcoin along with several Litecoins and 10's of thousands of some other coins that are currently trading for pennies or less, at current values I have 4-5k dollars in crypto that only cost me about a grand in power costs over the last 2 years, I am also looking to "invest" a small portion of these winnings into some upgrades to my main computer in advance of some upcoming changes in one cryptocurrency next month that could see these 1k worth of changes bringing in upwards of 8-10 dollars a day worth of crypto for at least a little while, at the very least the crypto earnings will offset the costs of the upgrades. I intend to Hold most of these cryptos for many years, as the US dollar gets weaker they get to be worth more.

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