Sightings - Is this a GMTNation member? **Mid-Atlantic**


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I-79 Southbound near Fairmont today, got passed by a white Envoy. Saw him coming in my mirror and noticed the roof rack bars were gone, but other than that didn't pay much attention. When he passed I noticed the turndown tip was cut off of the back of the resonator and a nice aftermarket chrome tip was on it. Not sure what state the plates were from, couldn't catch them as he went by.


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Did anyone from West Virginia misplace their TB?
I spotted this LT w/ clear mirror turn signals today at Morningside Inn in Frederick. Whoever drives it is likely a FoodPro employee.



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Hey you with the dark grey LT with TBSS wheels at the royal farms on 13/404 around 1pm- you have a left brake light out. I wanted to chat with you but I had things to do.


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gpking said:
Did anyone from West Virginia misplace their TB?
I spotted this LT w/ clear mirror turn signals today at Morningside Inn in Frederick. Whoever drives it is likely a FoodPro employee.
Looks like former marine as well.


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Hey shiny Denali... I saw u parked up behind a Sam Ash in Brooklyn today.... I instantly said, that's some nice hood scoops, but I'm a Trailblazer Envoy kinda guy.... But I kno a few guys that would like to see u.....


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First time I saw an SS since I've been a GMTN ORTB member.... I feel like I spotted it 3 blocks away.... Those wheels were much nicer in person....

I think I saw the guy peeking out of the store to see wut I was doing as I pulled off... Yeah I held up traffic so what, but it was worth it, enjoy....


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Around the Parkersburg WV area, I've been seeing a black TB EXT that has been de-racked. A rare(ish) sight on here even, let alone in my neck of the woods - you on here anywhere?


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IllogicTC said:
Also what's with the sepia tone? Hard to get a clear look.
That adds character!!! No, I noticed after taking the pic, i fumbled inside the camera of my iPhone, trying to take a pic while coming to the stop light.... Ayyyye at least it wasn't blurry....

jrSS said:
wheels are ugly imo.
Good opinion, i say due to bad photography...... They pop when your in person, or maybe if it was a better pic.... All of the red accents that he had everywhere on his truck stood out really nice....

I guess it wasn't yours jrSS!!! Your wheels look great from that angle tho...... Anymore pics of them for your profile gallery? :lipsrsealed: Im still reading the archives for ideas, and pics.... But Im considering Plastidip, and some G2 with high heat caliper vinyls for my set up....


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Trailblazer seen on Great Mills Road in Lexington Park. Lights across the roof, brush guard with lights. Ive seen your truck before, figured you were on here or ORTB. Not sure if you are lifted or not.


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Seen this September 14th, had some chrome muffler/resonator in place of the stock one. 195 west, exit 16 NJ it had Delaware plates...



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Seen this Voy on I-81 North in WV near exit 12 around 0930 this morning. Lots of chrome. It was ok until I seen the Obama sticker on his bumper :no: Hopefully someone put it on his bumper as a joke :undecided:

Saw two today, a Florida plate goldenish trailblazer on the side of the road on Cassville by six flags, and a silver lt on I guess it was 295 south with Delaware plates.
Pepboys howell nj, seen you there a few times, who are you?

SS spotted, normally it's driving the other direction so I can't take a picture, yesterday I finally could. Heard it drive into the lot, searched and found it.

Edit: pretty sure it's an ss anyway. Sounded like one for sure.



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I found my doppelganger yesterday- gave him a thumbs up.
I knew something was up when I looked over at the driver and our eyes were at the same level.
What are the odds of seeing another light pewter metallic, lifted, 1st gen LS, SWB?

Mine for reference:


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Spotted another near-clone in Baltimore. NY tags.
Seems like a TrailBlazer enthusiast by the look of things.


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Never see any modded tb's in the northeast,...theres plenty around but 99.9% soccer mom's


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Blewett scrap yard in howell... 20180602_113739.jpg


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@Mooseman I agree those rims are trash and with out center caps makes them look even worse. I do see a lot of them around on envoy's, tb's and the the rest of 360's 370's. Seems like the only upgrade from stock locally sold in nyc.

Fake faded chrome trim on B pillars.:puke:


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