Saab 9-7x Key and Fob replacement


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Jan 29, 2012
I thought I'd post this for anyone looking. My 9-7x only came with one key, and it's the monster all-in-one key and remote. I don't like that, and I really need a spare.

A little searching found that the Ilco PT04-PT is a match, and it's just a key. My packaging said '04 Grand Prix, but it's a PK3 and the blade fits. Cost was only 14.50, so I figured if I have to pay for shipping anyway, I'll get two! I would need one for a remote start for sure, it's on the someday list. The GM part number for an OEM key is 19207518. I got this info from a Saab parts desk.

I also found a remote, part number 15051014, used on ebay for less then 10 bucks. I much prefer the key and fob separate, fits in the pocket better and doesn't stick up so much Saab console ignition.

I had to find a store with an old school key cutting machine, the newer ones with a cartridge system wouldn't fit the key without a certain blank. My local hardware store, ACO, hooked me up. He wouldn't be responsible for damage as he didn't have a replacement key available, but I was fine with that. He certainly didn't look like this was his first week cutting keys. Programming is as simple as putting the existing key in the ignition, turning to run, and doing the same with the new key immediately.

The fob was a little more difficult to program, but does not require a visit to the dealer. Directions for that can be found here:

Hope this helps someone!


Dec 4, 2011
I actually like the more modern look of the all in one key over the seperate fob. My 9-7x came with two but I don't think I can buy a third all in one unit that has a blank key. You can buy used ones but they are already cut and I don't think that you can buy just the key part of the all in one unit, then put a blank in there and get it cut. Maybe i'm wrong but i've yet to see a blank key/fob combo. Good to know your info though so I can at least get an extra.

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