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I hope you are not expecting it to be totally trouble free, it is an 18 year old vehicle that you bought.
Don't tell my truck that. Doing 700 miles a week she may just decide to start acting up again lol.

First welcome to the forum. Second, how many miles have you got and what is the condition of the vehicle? If you have a well maintained one with lower miles expect typical GMT stuff like sway bar endlinks and wheel bearings but overall for it to be a solid truck. However if you bought it knowing it has problems it could turn out to be interesting to say the least.


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Welcome and understand that pretty much all that can go wrong with these trucks is listed here. As was said above, you have purchased an 18 year old vehicle so there will be some problems. We are here to help you.


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Welcome to the nation! These trucks have their fair share of quirks, but they're usually relatively straight-forward to troubleshoot and fix. We're all here to lend a hand, so no worries!

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