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I knew that there must be an intro page and I just found it. found my '.08 TB in March with 83k on it, 93 now. I found trailvoy then ORTB and read about these before deciding on a TB. I recently found my way over here. Towing was a big factor in my decision as we started popup camping and the TB will allow us to move to a trailer if we go that way.

I don't see my self tooling around a trail park and we don't have the open spaces that are available in the West. I am beginning to dream about the South West though.
I want a vehicle that can get me to places and out again. Those places remain to be seen and will dictate various mission revisions along with the mods that go with them. For now I am happy with beginning to harden the TB, learn what it can do, and learn how to do it.

I have 3.73 gearing, but no locker. Right now I see armor and recovery gear as greater priorities than lift. My suspension is in good shape, so tires are first for me.

One solid mission parameter that I have established is to have a vehicle that can be on the road at a moments notice, and to stay out for up to a week.

My Thanks.


Welcome. Seems well thought out.


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Welcome to the fold!

No locker? Was it a rental vehicle prior? I only ask because out of all the GMT360's I have seen in yards or in person, I have only ever seen one that didnt have the G80, and it was a Budget Rental Car that I rented.


I think the g80 was an option checked about 50% of the time iirc from what someone posted couple years back. On ORTB there are plenty without the locker looking to upgrade or swap.


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Welcome! Check out the 'towing' section for some ideas of what the 4.2L can / does pull - which is more than you might expect. You've got the right gearing, at least!

If you're planning on leaving pavement, ORTB is definitely a place to spend some time on.

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