Liftmeister Page Dead??

Hey everyone... I just tried to get onto the liftmeister page to take a look at the 3" lift and the website is either down or no longer existing.

Does anyone know what the story is?


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He’s moving and the website is down in the meantime. This has been covered in a previous thread if you want a better explanation.

There are no more liftmeister lifts. He is only selling the adapters and spacers.
What?! That sucks.
Any Chinese clones? I don't know what they looked like so can't compare. I know there is one kind which are for suicidal cheapskates but which one?
There plenty of options still. The newer Bilstein 5100 adjustable struts would prolly be the best for most
I have those on my Silverado. They make those for the GMT360 now? If so that's cool and yes probably the best bet as you don't have to mess with extra parts that way.

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