Leafspring on rear axle


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Not sure where to post this. I want to build a trailer using the rear axle from a tb. I have a trailer frame that has a 5x127 pattern axle on leaf springs. How do i go about swapping the axle out? (I tried finding hub adapters instrad by no one makes that conversion)


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You'd have to use TB wheels....
Then make spring mounts yourself I'd imagine, and weld them up..
Idk why you'd want the extra weight of that axle on your trailer though...


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Cause i have a set of tb wheels to use on it.
The trailer has a chevy axel already. The frame is from a ¾ ton. The trailer is being used for offroad camping.
How do the leaf springs attach to the existing axle?

On my Silverado the rear leaf springs attach with U bolts. There is a spot on the tube specifically for it to center the axle easier, but just a simple bit of measuring when tightening down the U bolts would be good enough on a trailer.

Might have to grind the coil spring perches and the trailing arm mounts off the TB axle, but I'd think you could U bolt it to the leaf springs fine otherwise as long as the axle is also wide enough.
I used a Blazer diff in a trailer I built years ago (still have it). I welded some spring perches onto the diff tubes in the proper positions. I got them from a trailer shop.

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That's the part I couldn't think of earlier. Those would be important.
You can get adapters actually. Plenty of places will custom make any you want. I had to get some done for my dad's Triumph TR8 since no one made wheels for it. They really were reasonable too.

Or grind off everything, weld up some spring perches on the TB axle.

Adapters prolly be cheaper and for sure less work