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Hi Everyone,

I picked up a 2003 Envoy SLT yesterday. It has 4wd and AWD, and it appears to be fairly-well optioned. It’s stock, except for for the stereo (there’s aftermarket speakers, but no head unit). Has almost-new Geolander HT’s.

I am new to the Envoy world, so I've read through the owner's manual twice, and I've spent a few hours reading through the older posts here on GMTNation. Still have a lot more reading to go! It's my second vehicle, so I've only driven it about 20 kms so far. The fuel gauge hasn’t even moved yet. lol

I’m located in south-western British Columbia, Canada, near Vancouver. Hobbies include 4-wheeling, exploring abandoned mines and ghost towns, ATV’s and SxS’s, Amateur Radio and scanners, firearms and reloading, light mechanical work, and modifying my 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth.

I’ve had a few trucks in my life. In order: 1987 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4, 1988 Nissan Hardbody extended cab 4x4, 1950 Ford F-1, 1956 Chevy short-box step-side, 1970 GMC long box fleetside, 1970 GMC short-box step-side, 1985 Toyota Xtra-cab 4x4 (rebuilt from a wreck), 1993 Chevy long-box extended cab 4x4 , 1999 Ford F-350 regular cab Powerstroke diesel 4x4 SRW with custom aluminum flatdeck, and 1986 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 (SFA swap, 5MGE swap). Plus a bunch of cars.

I’ve missed having a 4x4, and recently decided that I wanted a little 4x4, with an automatic transmission. In April, I was in the hospital for a medical issue, then woke up in the ICU after having gone into full arrest (had to get resuscitated with the paddles). Then I had a stroke the next night. So for now, an automatic is a little easier for me to drive than my 5-speed Abarth. Plus I wanted something more practical for winter, and for the occasional logging road that I encounter. I was considering a little S-10 pickup or Blazer (or GMC variant), when this Envoy deal appeared via a friend.

I know from experience that enthusiast-driven forums are the best place for technical and general info, tips, and assistance. I found GMTNation by searching Google for "GMC Envoy forum”. I actually found TV first, but after browsing it for a bit, decided to do some more searching on Google, and luckily found GMTNation.

I’ve already learned a few things about the Envoy from the posts here; hopefully I’ll be able to make a useful contribution myself at some point.
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Welcome :biggrin:


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"The fuel gauge hasn’t even moved yet", don't worry. It won't move later either...and you'll learn all about stepper motors. Anyways, Welcome to the Nation.


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Hey Thunderbolt I notice you mention owning a 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth. And I was just a wondering if it is true what FIAT stands for? Fix It Again Tony??? Might your middle name Anthony? Cause if so there are some items on the Envoy/trailblazer that you can then relate to -like cleaning the throttle body regularly. And you will see more of that as you wander around here. (jokingly the first thing you do is always do is 1) first. clean the throttle body and make sure the fuse or battery are disconnected for some time then and only then should you start to get ready on whatever problems comes up.


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Thanks Redbeard, I had read about the throttle-body issue.

No, the Fiat has been great. I had it dyno-tuned at Tork in Auburn, WA, and it has 201 WHP. lol

Wooluf, I've read that thread.

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!


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I took a photo of my RPO list today, and went through the "RPO Compendium" thread. I was quite happy to see the following in the list:

GT4 - 3.73 Ratio Rear Axle
G80 - Locking Differential Rear-Axle

I would have done it sooner, but it's sitting over at a friend's place, and I didn't know about the RPO list when I parked it.

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