If you love AFM, get ready for DFM ...

And just like when DOD/AFM started, stay away from this new tech until they fix the bugs. Was talked about in the new Silverado thread with the 4 banger.
New GM 2.7 liter 4 cylinder for upcoming Silverado's

One to eight? what the heck will you do with one cylinder?


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One to eight? what the heck will you do with one cylinder?
I know, I was thinking maybe 1-cyl. down hill but, no...then you would want engine braking, so maybe 1-cyl. in the drive-thru ... who thinks of this stuff ?...but, anyways still better than no V8 offering and boosted V6s.


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Why do I want 1-cylinder to run.....? This must be when idling or parked. I doubt you'll see any vast fuel mileage difference in this version vs. their strictly 4-to-8 ones. All this DOD & AFM stuff is getting stupid now.


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Just allows more issues to come-about.
Then why does the current AFM go to 8 when idling? Why not 4? That would also work when creeping along. That would be the logical thing to do in traffic to keep the A/C working and the battery charged up.
I'm going to wait to pass judgement until we see how it works. At least the theory behind it sounds better than how AFM works, at least. Cycling which cylinders are turning on and off should help reduce coking.
I've been saying gm should do this for years... I also lost it at the following error... how is 60 plus, 9 more than what it is now...
60-50=9? So with DFM, it will run on 8 cylinders 60% of the time but with AFM, it's 50%? How is that 9% less? Engineer huh?


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Could be a rounding error, like 59.6 is called 60 and 50.4 is called 50 but the difference 9.2 is rounded to 9. Still idiotic.

I think this tech will be awesome (by 2025).
I've had classes with a few colleagues who need this mug...

The thing is he said greater than 60 percent so that's 10+ percent difference. And if they're using 2 sig figs then it still should 10...
Train engineers are cool.

Again, having learned from the DOD/AFM screw-ups, we'll let the early adopters be the beta testers on this.


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we'll let the early adopters be the beta testers on this
Only thing I have seen is injector failure on the new V8 direct injected engines, and sometimes an injector may be seized up and have to replace the whole head.

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