Ford Maverick

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Yall knew this was coming!!

How's everyone doing? Hope everyone is safe.

Can I just start by saying I was actually impressed with this new "truck" Ford just put up on YouTube out of the blue.

Some overview:



The Ford Maverick’s Base Model Is a Hybrid—and Starts below $20K (

Ford unveils Maverick, a compact hybrid pickup truck for under $20,000 | TechCrunch

Long story short its a baby pickup which starts at under $ 20K. I like the designing, it will appeal to younger buyers a lot more than older ones though. However older buyers may like the "car - like" feel but would rather have something that rides higher.

I was really intersted in the 3-D printing accessories for the interior and the configurable bed stuff. :compu-punch:

Does GM have things like this or the Lighting planned? They did a really great job on the full-size upgrades, but I believe the pickups are in for a much needed update. I would love to see something like this from GM rather than the new "Blazer". I would be first in line if they made something like this but body on frame :explode:

Lastly I think Ford will be selling a ton of these, dare I say dealers will have problems having them on their lots.



When I think Ford Maverick, I think of this...



I don't know what to think about it. As a former owner of an S-10 pickup, I can see the appeal of a smaller truck for the younger crowd but I have since outgrown that a long time ago. It does have some useful elements like that adjustable bed thing and the rear plug in that was kinda carried over from the F series. It certainly wouldn't be my cup of tea.


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This will be Ford's entry level vehicle going forward given they will not produce sedans for the foreseeable future. I think the price and high MPG are a winner and this may be my next vehicle.

We bought a SUV that had to tow, have plenty of storage room, fit my big but comfortably, and had memory seat positions. Turns out we still haven't towed anything, but everything else we really did use. I doubt the Maverick seats will be as comfortable as the Buick leathers and not having a covered cargo areas sucks, but an actual fuel miser engine and modern phone support will be appreciated in a daily driven vehicle.


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It looks like this isnt even really a Ford, or maybe a re-engineered badge. Its a Rivian R1T under the skin. I wonder why Ford didnt do the R1S as well? Or maybe they will in the future.


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It is not directly confirmed.. But Ford did dump 500 million into Rivian. Thats why I said "It Looks".

For me, the body lines of the Maverick do match the R1T. I could be wrong, but its not the first time Ford has done this type of badge re-engineering if true. They did it with Mazda, and Nissan

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