Disregard - Considering a 3/4 ton Silverado


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Jul 22, 2015
(on edit: You snooze, you lose - it's already gone after 1 day online. Guess it really was 'all that and a bag of chips'...
If you still want to comment on whether I should / should not have gone after it, feel free) :sadcry:

Yes, I've got the Envoy running very nicely now (best since I've owned it). But I'm finding it hard to resist this truck, which appeared in my daily e-mail today...

2001 Silverado 2500 4WD Ext Cab, 6.5' bed - standard 6.0L gasser, 4L80e, 4.10 gear.
Just under 150K miles
Optioned up to heated leather & floor console (wasn't looking for these, but heated seats are nice to have)
Interior (grey) looks clean & intact, no excess wear on the seats (might have to replace the p/s interior ft door panel)
Body has no visible rust - beautiful shape. One of the high beam housings is a little clouded
No extended tow mirrors, so I doubt it was towing regularly.
No visible evidence the truck was used for plowing. Has a bed liner (that doesn't look like it hauled much)
Rated at just over 10K towing.

$4999 (dealer - same owners of the chain I bought the Envoy from). NADA rates it at about $8000 retail (yeah, I know - 'what's wrong with it?')

2yrs older than the Voy, but a 3/4 ton w/ HD parts, largely considered 'bulletproof' - and conceivably 200K left on the clock.
Gain 3000 lbs in tow capability (I don't want to pull 10K, but nice to have the reserve, and not worry about anything in the 5000 - 6000lb range.
4.10 great for towing, but not so much for fuel economy. (I expect I'd give up 3-4mpg over the 'Voy, whether either were towing or not)

Usually when I see one of these, they're way more $ than I want to pay, or they're all used up w/ 250K or more on the clock. Sometimes both.

I don't want a D-max b/c I have no experience with diesels, and I know there's a lot more to consider in maintenance / upkeep. Although I'd never had to worry about towing again...lol.

Unfortunately, I don't have room for 3 vehicles, long-term, so the Voy would eventually have to go, and I'm not sure I'd be good with that.
Unfortunately (x2): Since the 2500 has a 4L80e, not feasible to swap my new-ish built 4L60e into it (I suppose it's possible, but the 4L80e is supposed to be 'all that')
Finally, I'd be starting the 'fix 'er up' phase all over again; I'm sure there are things that need doing on the Silvy. Since I'm good with mechanicals, and not a body guy, this truck looks to be just about perfect for 'me'. I suppose if I ever need body parts, I might be in a tough spot (unless it shares most w/ the 1/2 ton - I know the current ones do not.)

Oh, and I'd definitely be looking for a set of assist steps, as I like / use the boards on the Envoy (when you have a 26" inseam, you need all the help you can get!)

Thoughts? I'd be the only driver, so I only have to please 'me' on this purchase.
Really thinking about driving down to check her out tomorrow. Muuuust Resissst...LOL
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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
How concerned are you with MPG? Because unless you tow or haul on a regular basis, you might hate it every time you pull in to the pump.

But it does sound like an awesome deal.


Dec 4, 2011
Most body parts will be the same 1/2 ton to 3/4 ton of that gen. It might have a different bumper, grille, and hood, but rest is basically the same.

The 4L80E will be superior to the 4L60E - don't feel bad "losing" that one.

It will be a gas drinker for sure. The 6.0 will do just about anything except pass up a chance at the gas station.


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Jul 22, 2015
Thanks, guys. I know I'd take the hit, mpg-wise, but I'd give that up for the capability. If the mpg was really important, I'd look for a Duramax (after that, I wouldn't need to worry about mpg, because I would've spent the gas money! LOL)

Anyway, here's what 'coulda been' (1 pic; the rest of the views looked just as good)



Nov 18, 2011
My dad has that truck in a 2000 and the 6.0 gets about 10 mpg with or without a trailer.

Watch on those cause any hint of rust and you likely have it all over. Behind the fender flares is going bad quick on his and it has lived in the garage for its whole life and only has 75K on it.

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