Back in the game... Hopefully

Hey all,
As long as everything goes right, I'll be buying an '06 Envoy with only 60k on the odometer tomorrow. My old truck was a 2004 Trailblazer that I put over 100k miles on, but ended up selling it a couple of years ago to get a more commute-friendly car. I started poking around the "other site" for a few days and was dismayed that I didn't see any familiar faces (I was an alumni member with a few thousand posts). I found this site after the Roadie mentioned it a few years back.

I'll keep you updated when I bring her home!


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Glad you found the new hangout! Not all of the old timers still frequent but most of the new faces you'll see carry a lot of their knowledge we picked up over the years.
Yeah it was a mess. But hey, greener pastures over here right?

Welcome back :biggrin:
You're in the right place now. TV is just a wasteland of tumbleweeds and unanswered posts. Welcome back!
Everything went through, and I came home with the '06 'Voy! I already took the dealership advertisement off the back. After some drunken Priming tonight I should be expecting interior LEDs and new headlights too. Now I just have to see if I can remove the chrome moldings without 11 years of ghosting.


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What a find. Congrats! Right at the mileage where you'd want to change out the transfer case fluid (if you already know / have done this, or don't have 4WD, apologies).

If you want, give us some details / pics on her. And if anyone ever starts a 'lowest miles relative to year' thead, I'll wager you're in the top (bottom?) three.

Welcome back :tiphat:

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