A Fun Decade Long Run!

Canadian Mike

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Well the time has come to say goodbye to our 2004 GMC Envoy after more than 10 years of ownership. It has served the Mrs. and I with comfort (luxury) and utility (construction to yardwork). With the help of GMTNation (and old site, TV), we saved some time, money, and frustration. A big Thank You to this great truck community. I 'll still lurk around from time to time. :cool:

Day 1 back in 2007!

Combination GMTNation/TV Logos.

So far approximately 138,000 miles.

Next to The Replacement
That's it. Adding to rules, no hockey talk for Canadians except knocking the Leafs. They're just an easy target!

@Canadian Mike , that was a good run. Hope it went to another good owner.
They were actually quite good making it to the finals in their first year. Quite impressive despite losing the cup itself.


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Flash in the pan ? crash and burn this season? another run for the Cup? ...this next season should be interesting.

smt 59

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As everything else in Vegas money buys everything!!! Although I completely enjoyed the run, great entertainment.

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