FOR SALE (4) BF Goodrich A/T KO2 - 315/70R17

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If you can run them, I'll give them to you for $250 for the set. They run about that price per tire, on Tire Rack.
I will *not* ship, but am willing to drive as far as a tank of gas will carry me & the tires (250-300mi from metro Chicago)

These are currently installed on one of my Sierras - they came with the truck when I bought it a few days ago.

While they're load range E (10 ply), I prefer to have a highway tire for towing.

Per Tire Rack, these are 34.4" in diameter. They are too big for the Sierra 1500HD @ stock height; the passenger front rubs the inner fender guard, and has torn it up. Another reason I want to be rid of them.

I'll put them on my local CL in a few days (for more $); this is just for GMTN peeps. If you're interested in them, let me know, and I'll measure the tread depth for you (when new, they have 15/32")
Tread depth. I got an extra set of wheels

Pics as well?


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I'll have to pull it out of the garage for pics. I can get to 3 of the 4 tires where it sits; the depths are 10, 10, and 9/32s.

BUT - I've learned that the wheels they are on (from a H2) are kind of a 'magic config' (my term) that allows that tire size to work on a 2500 w/ stock height (leveling the stance w/ torsion bars)

Also - I found the OEM tire size on the door label - it was equipped w/ same tire as I just purchased (245/75/16) for Sierra #1.

Given that, I'd now prefer to sell the tires / wheels as a set. $400 would be fair, IMO.

Originally, I was going to reuse the wheels; now I'll swap what I first bought onto the new truck & find some others for the old one (or, I could swap between the two, but leaning against, right now)

If you're still interested (after reading all of that!), PM me; if not, please close the thread. Thx.

On edit: apologies for the runaround- wasn't my intent to do so.
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