NEED HELP 2008Tahoe LTZ Brake caliper- bracket question


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First time posting.
Been trolling this site for a long time to get info. Thank you for all your help.Many members here are very smart and have helped me without even trying.
My Dad has a 2008 Tahoe LTZ and it was built August 6th of 2007. Truck stuck up north 3 hours from dealer. Being told by Stealership there are 2 different caliper brackets that the slider clips go on. Stealership claims they cant tell even with vin if they are with or without spread fingers on pad spring.. Do I have to figure out whats on there first or can I just order the 4 wheel brake kit by power stop for a 2008 expt. police part number KCOE2070 and have trouble free install and performance ? any advice would be appreciated thanks .
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I think this may have something to do with dual caliper pistons vs. single. On the trucks with rear disks I believe the front calipers only have one piston. On trucks with rear drums, they have dual pistons in front like my Sierra.

That said why not buy both sets and send back the one that isn't needed?


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Are you trying to replace the calipers and brackets, or just trying to find the right pads and rotors? If you are replacing calipers, is it because one is bad? The problem with those Powerstop kits is that you can get better quality by choosing your own components. Plus, the core charge is pretty high.

If you need to replace calipers and brackets, one option is the new Opti-Cal caliper from Raybestos. They are brand new calipers and come with the bracket too. The nice thing is that there is no core charge because they are not rebuilts.

Maybe give us more detail on the problems he is experiencing.

As for your original question, I actually think the dealership is right (in this case) and I can't tell you if there is a way to tell the difference without taking them apart. Maybe go DocBrown's route and buy both and return the ones you don't need. They are not all that expensive.


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I just looked at that kit, wow! To Chickenhawk's point, are you sure you'l need the calipers? I haven't had to replace a caliper in years. One or more of the slide pins might be frozen but they are easy to remove and cleanup.


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I agree with Doc. I replaced my calipers with new Opti-Cal Raybestos calipers when I noticed uneven wear between the inside and outside pads, but the difference was not that much when I actually measured it. I do a good job lubricating the slide pins every pad change, and I could have got another year from these pads and perhaps many more years from the calipers. I was just being extra cautious.

It is not that unsual to have more wear on the inside pad and more deterioration on the inside of the rotor. It's a function of vehicles like mine used in winter driving conditions.

Don't believe people who say calipers need to be routinely replaced every ten years or so. I would only replace them if there were signs of problems, such as significant difference in wear from side to side. I was probably a bit premature. (But I am anal about brakes, plus I wanted to try the new Raybestos calipers.)


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Thank you, Yes there is a caliper problem. One is frozen up. I will look at the Raybestos one's. The original problem is that they coat the parking lot with salt so much in the winter where he works it's like a gravel road here in Michigan.
Thanks for the help. Will let you know when I get it done how it works out.


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