2003 S-10 info?


My neighbor told me about a buddy of his at work with a 2003 s-10 I can get pretty cheap... supposed to be ex cab 4wd... needs a gas tank and has a slight oil pan leak...

My question is we're all 4x4's the 4.3L? Or did they offer 4wd with the 4cyl too?

Secondly is the 4wd setup in those trucks set up like the TB/VOY etc with the diff/disco mounted to the oil pan


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Only the 4.3L was 4x4, but not all 4.3's were 4x4.
All 2.2's were 4x2.

And no, the S10 doesn't have the intermediate shaft through the oil pan like us.

Ok that's what I was hoping to hear...
I figured the 4x4 was the 4.3L...
Did not want to have to deal with the diff and all that crap to do an oil pan gasket...if I get it... it's supposed to be in pretty good cond other than the tank and pan leak... have to find time to go look at it yet...thx


All the 4x4 were 4.3. I have always loved the 4.3. Simply a 350 sans a couple cylinders. Things just work good.

The 4wd setup is completely different.

Basically nothing interchanges.

A lil s-dime 4x4 ext cab would be a fun truck. i had several 2 dr and 4 dr blazer and a couple first gen pickups. Solid lil trucks.


The HVAC in them is a whole different story...
And don't forget to always tell your passengers to "slam it" as they get out!

My dad has an '01 Jimmy with 160k miles and my buddy has a '00 ZR2 with 230k miles. They'll last if you care for them.
I borrow the S15 when my TB is out of commission (RARE), and I get to drive the ZR2 on occasion, and they're fun to whip around.
Dare I say, I enjoy the handling better than my TB, but the TB is sooooooo much more comfortable and much less creaky (and faster).

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