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Nov 18, 2011
I did some testing awhile back to find out about 15 inch wheels fitting. The conclusion is they will with 1.3 or 1.5 inch wheel spacers. But you need 3.75 inch or less backspacing. The additional thickness of aluminum wheels could create issues, but I had steel and alum on my truck. Surprisingly the only rubbing issue came in the rear.

Here is some of the old info I shared when doing some research...

///I have been wanting a set for more sidewall and cheaper tire options and picked up a set that I thought might work cheap. I test fitted them and they will work. I need to measure backspacing and such, but they clear the calipers. I do have 1.3 inch adapters which change my pattern to a 6x5.5. 15x8 basic white wagon wheels




///Backspacing is a shade under 4 inches.

///Got these rims (Toyota aluminum 15x8) awhile back and picked up these 35 12.5 15 BFG KM1s to play with earlier this week. Want to see if 35s are actually wheelable. Old School setup with the revolver rims and white letters out due to wear pattern.

Redneck tire shop...heat beads and use two screwdrivers to make it happen..





Little taller..Hope to mount after the incoming snow storm...

O yeah...Guy that I got tires from is buds with the owner of Hi-Lift. He sold the tires to build a buggy, well...to get parts for it. Tires are siped some which helps due to being lower tread.

///Crappy pics, but got them on in the snow and 12 degree wind chill. Had some rear fitment issues that I need to re-examine when warmer out. (Was combination of crud on inside of wheel and on caliper, Sanded them both smooth and no more issue) One thing I did discover is that the extra thickness of aluminum vs steel could change the needed backspacing. Overall I like the size and the fit seems good. Mall crawled over some landscaping between parking lots when going to get a pizza and at full lock and decent flex no rubbing was found...

will get better pics...




Siping works

///Few daylight pics





///Well I finally got them balanced. Borrowed a balancer and did it myself. For used tires with some decent wear I got them to balance out near perfect. Then while they were off, I had seen a white JK with white steel Grand Cherokee wheels in a magazine and loved the look, so they became white. I don't like black wheels and since these wheels weren't looking the greatest anyway...peeling clear/oxidation...I decided that rather than taking the tires off and having to rebalance to get the powdercoated, why not paint them and see if I really like the look before expending all the time and energy on an idea i hadnt seen in person. So several drinks later the garage was full of paint fumes and not only did I have white rims, but white sections of tires and garage floor. Prolly shouldn't have gone with the idea after midnight, but I like it. These tires dont have a lot of miles left so I figure if they fit wheeling I will powdercoat the wheels and buy a new set of 35s in a few months and then the paint doesnt matter. Anyway here are the results of the whiskey and spray can...







///It amazes me that these old used tires and rims ride so good and garner all kinds of attention. Everyday this week I had been stared at, complimented, or given thumbs up at a light. Had two people stop an ask questions in one fillup at the gas station. Had the walmart auto guy tell me it was the "hottest" trailblazer he had seen...not sure how to take that one. Anyway it must look better in person cause I think the pics just show my lack of taping off the tires.

One other thing is that this setup with the bigger sidewalls and lower load rating ride far better than my other tires, but do not corner as well. It was expected, but worth noting.

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