14 Years were’d they go, 14 Years I don’t know.

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It wasn’t a Chevy but she was like a rock.
After 14 years of amazing ownership of my Envoy I finally decided to move on and sell her to a friend who will take over the responsibility of keeping her in top condition.
I now have a new toy in the garage....A 2019 GMC Canyon Denali, she is a black beauty inside and out with a few mods done already such as front drivers and passengers windows tinted, drip rails on all 4 doors, a hard tonneau cover(Bak Flip MX4), front and mid skid plates, I am waiting on a trailer hitch cover that is brass and chrome that has the Denali logo on it. I ordered it a few weeks back and just got it last Thursday from out of town. Looking forward to many years of good quality ownership as I had with my Envoy, as well as I can stay on this site .



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Congrats. The denali sure is a pretty truck. I think I prefer the styling to mine a little more if I can be honest... It quite literally looks like a mini sierra. :cool:

How do you like the Bakflip if you don't mind my asking? :undecided:
smt 59

smt 59

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The BakFlip is a great investment, easy to use and very weather proof. We’ve had a lot of rain and it stays dry inside. Best of all once the tailgate is locked the box is secured. Nice fit and looks good.


Moved to member builds since it's not really a tech discussion :smile:

Very nice truck. Like @littleblazer said, just looking at the pics, I would have thought it was a Sierra not seeing the real size.

At least the TB will belong to someone you know and see it again once in a while to reminisce 😢
smt 59

smt 59

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Yes unlike the Sierra though this one actually fits in the garage just barely(4” to spare). I do miss the Envoy and do some comparisons here and there but she’s gone now and I really like the Denali.

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