'05 TB 4.2L 4wd transmission went out


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Riding down the road and lost all forward and reverse gears. There was no loud bang or any other noise. I just noticed the rpm was up and I was slowing down.

At idle, you can hear a pretty constant clicking noise, for lack of a better description. Not clicking like a relay clicking but more like a ziptie on a driveshaft as far as sound goes. Maybe tapping would be better? I don't know.

Best I can figure without doing any sort of research whatsoever, even to refresh my memory, its either the input shaft busted or the torque converter.(I'm totally prepared to be wrong, too lol. I somewhat expect it lol) This sucks because the transmission was just rebuilt 18 months ago but only had a 12 month warranty.

Considering the GM-built 4L60e lasted like 14 yrs vs 18 months on a rebuild from some shop in town, should I look for a transmission direct from GM? Anyone got any other advice or suggestions?



What is the trans fluid level with the engine running, color of fluid?

What happens if you try to engage 4Hi or A4WD or 4LO? Reason I ask is to try to eliminate the transfer case from the equation.


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Loss of all gears all of a sudden usually points to the pump. It might not need a full rebuild. You could check by pulling the passenger side cooler line from the tranny, slip a hose over it and put the other end in a bucket. Start the engine and see if fluid comes out.

Even if it's just out of warranty, contact the shop that did the work. They might still fix it free or at least give you a discount.

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