Winch install (installed with pics)


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I just picked up a 10,000lb winch but i don't have a custom built bumper yet. Was curious if anyone has ever done a temp winch install with only the factory metal bumper installed.

I don't have a front hitch and the plastic bumper cover is removed.

Also for those that have a winch, has anyone installed the servo box under tge hood, if so post pics please.


The stock metal bumper support is wholly inadequate to use for mounting any winch.

Just buy a piece of plate and bolt it across the frame rails if anything.

I thought about moving box under hood, but could not find a real reason for it.


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Ya i was thinking of the plate idea but would have to find longer bolts to make up the difference since i need the bumper on to be street legal and still need my hooks.

I do a lot of water crossings so the added protection of the box being under the hood guarantees no water gets in it.


Done a number of water crossings and never had an issue personally, but seems several rigs stick it under hood. should be as simple as extending the wires and putting it someplace with easy plug access.

To get the plate flat mounted to the frame you will need to remove the lil nub sticking up with a grinder so you make up some there, but be sure to grab at least grade 8 if you cant get some 10.9 for it.

You may want to look into a pre made plate since you will need somewhere to mount the fairlead anyway.


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That looks really good with the control box removed and mounted under the hood, nice job! I've been looking at the Badlands winches for awhile now. They don't have the 10k pound model here, but they do have a 12k which looks exactly the same. Been selling for $289 for awhile now, but I offroad so infrequently that the only thing I can justify a winch for is the possibility of going off the road during a snow storm. Still I'm *really* trying to justify it... :smile:

Does the fairlead mount really need much strength to it? I had been thinking it needs something pretty hefty, but if what Mirror has is suitable then I can easily work that in to my setup with the sides bolted to the pushbar.


Mirror, how did this setup work out for you? Did you ever do any hard pulls and did the bumper hold? I too am looking for a 'works for now' solution.


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Really digging that mounting job for the solenoid box :2thumbsup:


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For those of you with custom bumpers are they still mounted to the original number mounts and is your air bag sensor still active


The MDB bumpers span the frame rails top and bottom with a plate creating a box basically, but use the stock two mounting points. The air bag sensor is active, but it would take an awful big hit to get through my offroad only bumper from MDB.

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