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Aug 29, 2012
Wholesaler Closeout parts are RockAuto's "clearance rack." The parts were acquired at discounted prices from companies liquidating inventory (because they were overstocked, decided to carry a different brand, went out of business, etc.) and are new but may be older inventory ("last year's style").

Find the Wholesaler Closeout parts along with "Regular Inventory" parts. Or to see a full list of all the closeout parts available for your vehicle(s) that can probably all ship in the same box, click the RSS icon after selecting your vehicle’s engine size in the RockAuto.com catalog, then click on the "HTML" icon next to "Love a Bargain?"

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Jul 22, 2015
Just a word of caution. I actually found RA made a mistake in their closeout parts listings a couple of months back...

They had listed Fram air filters for the V8 trucks on closeout, for something like $10/ea. They're the cylindrical type, and run a lot more than $10 at retail. I ordered two, along with some other disc'd items.

When I got them, it was obvious they weren't for the GMT360 / 370 platform, as they were waaay too big. Sure enough, when I x-ref'd Fram's part # on their site, they came up as being (only) for International medium-duty trucks, IIRC. Oh, and Fram had disc'd them, too.

Going back and rechecking Rock's interchange listings, they were listed as replacements for the GMT360 / 370s, only. No International truck models, or anything else.

I was able to send them back, but RA charged me $6 for the return label (I could've contacted them to request a reimbursement, or answered their return questions more properly, I suppose -- but I didn't bother. I took the $14 refund and called it a day).

Not posting here to complain... like I said, I chose not to pursue the return shipping charge. But it was the first time that Rock actually had a wrong part listed for something I ordered, in all the time I'd been buying parts from them.

Moral of the story... if you buy from their closeouts... make sure you get the right parts, b/c there's only a 30-day window to return those, vs. regular stock.
(yes, I did request my own return within the 30-day window).


Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
Would probably be worth it to Google part numbers to double check. I know Amazon's part number references can be off but RA happens less often. I usually check between the two in any case for price comparisons.
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Jul 22, 2015
Yep, that's my modus operandi, as well. But it was listed with no photo / reference to the Fram nbr, IIRC. So I didn't have anything to really check by. And I'll admit... 1/3 the usual price was too tempting to pass up (they run about $27 USD, at the local parts stores).

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