Where to get info on Test IDs and Component IDs?


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May 6, 2012

So I'm running Touchscan on my spare Windows laptop with a Bluetooth ODB2 reader making sure the basic temp and O2 sensors are reasonable. Poking about in the software shows the following TIDs and CIDs which show failed. So I'd like to figure out where I can find out exactly that these are.

Aha, maybe I've found it http://service.gm.com/gmspo/mode6/pdf/GM%20Class2%20mode%20$06%20data%20final_dm.pdf I got there from http://service.gm.com/gmspo/mode6/and followed the GM Class 2 - GM Powertrain link on the left hand side. On the right hand side are all the check engine light codes. But really I prefer to search on the codes here because here I'll find the mechanics explain that the codes really mean so I can understand them. :smile:

The failures are:
TID $02 CID $06 value 32768 Min 32818 Max N/A - EVAP excess vacuum pass test 2
TID $02 CID $50 value 32818 Min 32868 Max N/A - EVAP weak vacuum pass test 1
TID $02 CID $11 value 0 Min 80 Max N/A - EVAP purge leak pass test

If it helps I qualify for the gas tank replacement warranty item so there's definitely a small leak there. I can smell fuel after a drive. And I recently replaced the gas cap. The old one was clearly broken as it behaved much differently than the new one.

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