Where is the factory arm and disarm wire located on a 04 ykon xl 1500 and how do i test em

Puting an alarm in a 04 yukon and im stuck on finding factory disarm and arm wire .where are they exactly.disarm is at door lock lt blue .is this actualy where the door locks? and disarm is lt green inside drivers door?and how can i test em with a multimeter?


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Use caution when probing ANY of these wires around the Air Bag Electronics Connectors and Harnesses. Additional cautionary notes are included ...but the Bible Pages for your vehicle should be referenced in the GMC Factory Service Manual for the Wiring Diagram comparison to Wiring Definition List in the attached post. Pay particular attention to the mention of "Interface Modules" as there may be some after-market ones available that will specifically address your alarm power connection-enable-disable issues, however, the Part Numbers are not mentioned at this link:

On factory systems, I don't think there's an actual arm/disarm wire per se. It's all in the BCM. I'd just get an interface from Fortin or like that to bypass alarm and anti-theft.