What is the weakest link?


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I have '07 Tahoe with 5.3l 4x4 and no major mods except added air bags in rear coils and it does have the tow button on gear shift. The sticker on hitch reads 5000lbs w/o weight dist hitch and 10000 with. The owners manual reads 6700 or 7700 lbs depending on axle ratio. My scenario is to occasionally tow a tandem axle16' box trailer for Scouts that is between 5000-6000 lbs, less than 100 miles by highway. What is going to break and how do I prevent it? Fyi, the airbags are great if you inflate before loading. Thank you.


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Most box trailers are balanced nicely so long as you load them properly. More than likely you will not need a WDH. You'll be fine.


If not already equipped, you should have an auxiliary transmission cooler. Heat is what kills transmissions.


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Ditto the last two responses. Get the cooler (20K BTU s/b enough); skip the WDF for now, since you have the bags. If sway turns out to be an issue, you can add that later, either via anti-sway (natch) or a trailer brake controller w/ a manual application lever.

Keep speed at 65mph (or whatever your trailer's tires are rated at), and you'll be good. Keep the tires inflated properly.

With your rig, the trans is the weakest link. Probably a 4L60e (RPO M30).


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yep, tranny is the weak point if it overheats. Keep it cool. If there is no towing package on your rig add the aux tranny cooler. Always is a debate whether it should be located before or after in-radiator stock cooler. Get a big one, if its big enough you can bypass radiator cooler and use aux only. My 94 Burb has towing package so has a good trans cooler and oil cooler. After I bought the Burb I found that there was a lot of leafy junk caught between the transcooler and other radiators, so cleaned out all of them.


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My answers. No we dont have WDH, but we are shopping as soon as budget permits. Boy Scouts is a non profit working off of fund raising BBQs, popcorn ect. Our goal is to make this rig safe for others to tow if the primary towers are not available. I am now taking care of maintenance and any safety issues with it.
Yes I do believe trans to be the 4L60e. The RPO sticker is missing but I got that info somewhere awhile back. I have a Hayden 10"x 12" cooler that makes 8 passes back an forth through the fins with 1/2" tubing that I intended to install. I'm moving that up my list now.
Weighed it last night. Tahoe-5660 lbs and trailer 5920 lbs. Im going to weight tongue yet this week while repacking bearings, checking brake and putting the new tire /wheels on it. Felt a little tongue heavy. Otherwise towed and braked nicely.
I'm not going to debate, cooler should go after the 192 degree radiator to chill it some more. Why cool it then send it through the oven? IMO THANK YOU for your help.

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