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ANNOUNCEMENT Warning Points System

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Mooseman, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. Mooseman

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    In an effort to maintain order and consistency on the forum, some disciplinary measures are in place. We will be making use of the Warning Point system to record infractions by members.

    The points earned will normally have an expiry of 3 months and are cumulative. Expiry time may be lengthened or shortened by Moderators and Administrators depending on the seriousness and/or repetition of the offense(s). Moderators and Administrators will also have the discretion to give points or not with a warning or to increase the number of points if the seriousness/repetition/maliciousness warrants it.

    Some checks and balances will be in place on the Moderators and Administrators. All penalties handed out will be reviewed by the other staff members and can be repealed if it is felt the penalty was undeserved. There will also be a limited number of actions any one moderator/admin can take against a particular member. This is to prevent any actual or perceived "He's just out to get me" scenarios.

    As per forum rules, do not post publicly if you do not agree with a Moderator's or Administrator's actions. Please discuss the matter with him in a private message or with another Moderator or Administrator.

    • First 5 points: 3 Day Suspension (member will have full access to the site, minus the ability to add new posts)
    • Every additional 5 points: 7 Day Ban
    The point schedule will be as follows:

    3 Points
    • Arguing with staff publicly: this should be done by PM if you disagree with actions taken against you or how rules are enforced
    • Postings/comments relating to religion, politics, race, ethnic groups or gender/sexual orientation
    2 Points
    • Abusive Behavior (trolling/harassment)
    • Conversational posts in Picture Threads: Picture threads are for posting pics, if you like something that was posted click the "Like" button, targeted questions about the pics may be allowed, but chit chat will be in violation
    1 Point
    • Topic Bumping inside of 24 hours
    • Consecutive posting: if your post is the most recent in a thread, and you have an additional thought to add within 10 minutes of your last post, please make use of the Edit button
    • Post Whoring outside of Off Topic threads: If you wish to reply to multiple posts by other members, please make use of the Multi-Quote feature
    • Welcome (only) posts in technical threads: If you see a new member posting a question or an issue and it's their first post, it's OK to welcome them, as long as you are contributing to the thread as well.
    • Signature Violation
    • Inappropriate Language outside of the "Anything Goes!" section
    • Spamming
    • Tech talk in non-tech threads/sections
    • Necroposting/thread bumping an old dead thread without contributing to it.

    This points schedule is just a baseline. Other infractions not specifically listed here may also be attributed points. This points system does not preclude an immediate suspension or ban if the seriousness warrants it. If you haven't read the site rules yet, please do so.

    And no, this is not being implemented due to any real or perceived issues on the forum. We had always meant to do this and we are just getting around to it now, that is all.
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