Vibration after tapping a Pole


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Hoping some might have some insight or thoughts .. Late Saturday night I went to pickup my daughter at her friends house and head home. Pulled into an unfamilar CVS (24 hour pharmacy /conv store) to pick up some last minute Easter candy. I was paying attention to the pickup starting to move and did not notice the parking lot light pole until my daughter yelled. I did not even look before I instinctively hit the brakes. I then saw the concrete base of the pole but despite brakes the trucks inertia was more and I tapped the pole. Enough to cause a loud bang and crunch. My daughter and I where fine. I might have been doing 5 to 8 mph and slowing when I hit. No air bags deployed. The darkness did not help my pride as I got out and people where laughing. Including my daughter who pointed out she got her lic and should be driving instead of me.

Anyway, the bumper is cracked on passenger side Near coner of grill. The vertical clips of grill on passenger side are busted, and The trim piece between the grill and passenger headlight is also busted. All the lights work and truck runs fine

But there is a slight vibration I can feel. Like a rough idle but not as unsteady. Evn my son said he can notice it from the passenger seat. Plus he says it sounds a little different. Like said. It starts normal, runs normal, no warning lights, turns fine.

Is it possible that shock from the hit might have knocked something off kilter? Any thoughts?


When do you notice the vibration? Idle, driving, what speeds? You may have boogered up the fan shroud.


Any pics? The washer pumps are in that area behind the bumper, one could be running but unlikely.


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I mainly notice it at idle. and I did notice it slightly more while parked facing up a hill. I have no headlight washers so I dont think the pumps are there.


There are pumps for the windshield and rear glass. Definately check the area around the fan, dont forget pics.


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Here are the pics that I finally had time to upload let alone time to take. The vibration is more of a resonance. Enough to make the GPS on top of my dash vibrate very slightly. And it only is noticable while in gear. truck runs fine .. Any thougths would be appriciated.


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That's a pretty good tap, more like a whack. Based on the vibration you could have possibly damaged a motor mount. May not have felt like a big hit but the envoy is heavy and could have pushed the motor forward enough to stress the mount.

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