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Dec 8, 2011
Was going through the pics on my phone and came across these from earlier this spring. For a while I had been having troubles with something tipping over my garbage bins. The bins themselves arent regular trash cans, they are the city issued heavy duty bins. First couple times, I attributed it to the neighborhood cats....but even that got me pissed off. I throw stuff away because I dont want to see it anymore, let alone pick it up off my back patio. So, I borrowed a live trap from a guy I work with and got a can of wet dog food and went to work. The garbage was stinky and the trap was set. after a couple nights, SUCESS. kind of. it was one of the neighborhood cats and (against my better judgement) my wife made me let it go. trap was reset. Couple nights later...opposum. What a waste of dogfood. Bye Opposum. not convinced that this one tree-rat acted alone I reset the trap. Couple nights later.....opposum. What is this, some sort of opposum buffet? Bye Opposum. after thinking about it, i decided that even with these two working together it still might be difficult to tip over my bins, had to be a coon....just had to be. another week or so goes by until my garbage gets good and stinky again then......BAM. Finally, what i had been waiting for: a big, fat, garbage fed city coon. Weighed in at 30lbs. here are some pics. Enjoy!

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Brother in law putting his Taxi classes to use.

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Wife sent me this picture of a Ground Hog on our deck the other day while I was at work. Looks like it's GAME ON :wootwoot:
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