Trying to find out ECU software updates on a Opel Astra H from 2010


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New here - and found first the GYMKO Tech2 bech test tool - thread! WOWOWOWOWOW! THAT I like =) Well - Im a newbe but learning. Actually just a home wife to my hubby who is the old timer mechanic.

So to my perhaps stupid question:
Where can I find the software update numbers on the vehicle?
I did find under Vehicle -> Vehicle ID data.
After I run this - its says the data is saved in the Tech2 Flashcard.
How fo I retrieve that data from there?
In TIS2000 I only can get tseom Snapshots that Ive saved.

There is a fault code P0234 that Opel says could be a software update needed - as well as my SnapOn, that says the same.



Hi and welcome!

Unfortunately we don't have Opels here in North America (or very few) and thus no experience on using the Tech 2 on them. It looks to operate in a different way with them than North American vehicles.

One thing that may hinder your ability to retrieve the data using tis2000 is that it doesn't go any higher than 2008. @m.mcmillen does have some knowledge of the newer software that may be able to work. There is also GlobalTIS for non-North American vehicles.

Maybe that would work for you.


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Welcome to GMT Nation Ms. Henrietta...

From watching the backcloth reading on your Tech 2 Blue Screen... it looks like it was attempting to read whatever Opel Modules are installed in your vehicle. I am unaware of how the PCMCIA Cards work for any of the European makes and Models and I've never seen a North American Domestic PCMCIA produce any on-screen readouts like the ones displayed in your Youtube Video.

If your have an OLDER Tech 2 PCMCIA Card for the GM-Opel Vehicles... Perhaps the LATEST Cards are still available from and will be capable of performing the Diagnostics and take Dual Snapshots that it it can record and store and PLAYBACK on the Tech 2 after pressing the "Start" and "Stop" Recording Features on the Tech 2 Scanner Keyboard.

If your questions relate to UPDATING Modules with the Latest Opel Calibrations for these various Modules... You will require a dedicated Laptop with a working and reliable 9-Pin "DIN" Plug Serial Port to allow for the Tech 2 to communicate through the Silver (4) Pair Twisted Flat Cable when plugged into the RS-232 Port on The "GYMKO" Tech 2 Scanner. Of course, I'm assuming that you have a Complete Tech 2 KIT that includes these other necessary sub-components.

This may or may NOT work for European Vehicles... But you will also require the "Cracked" Version of the TIS2000 Software (No USB Dongle Required) that is also available from for under $20.00 USD... and a Compatible Windows Operating System that will now also work with the 32 Bit Version of Windows 10 on a Tablet... should you have one handy. There are many other Threads covering optional means of Installing TIS2000 and the Best are very well documented by @Mooseman that deserve "First Looks" in this regard.

Once everything is set up... you should be able to select the TIS2000 Icon from your Desktop and after the Program runs and establishes Serial Communications via COM-1, COM-2, etc... then Select the SPS Feature for either remote loading using the Tech 2 Scanner... or by using your Laptop and the Tech 2 together to perform PASS-THRU activities and update whatever Modules are showing in your Opel PCM (ECU) with the very latest calibrations. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the "GYMKO" Benchtop Harness" Thread. :>)
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