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Last weekend i attempted the the fluid exchange in my '07 saab, as in May03lt's video. I didn't get past removing the cooler line. mine seems stuck, and i was afraid of causing more problems. i remove the black plastic retainer, and the spring clip, but the line did not seem to want to pop out. has anyone else had this problem? do you just keep increasing force until it comes out? i went ahead and changed the filter and 5 qts like a normal change, but i would like to change ALL the fluid. Also, truly asking for a friend shouldn't there be a magnet in the trans pan of an '01 silverado?


If it can twist/turn in the rad, it should eventually pop out. Try putting some penetrating oil on it.

As for the magnet, yes, it should have one. Maybe it was left out at the last change?


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This video shows the 'Whole Ball of Wax' for the Replacement of the Transmission Cooler Lines in a Trailblazer, including how to use a Vacuum Pump to evacuate the Transmission Fluid prior to also removing the Pan and replacing the Transmission Filter. The important sequence related to your situation starts at around 6:15 into the Video for the R&R of the Transmission Cooler Lines:

In regards to making it easier to remove the two insert points for the lines going into the Radiator-Transmission Cooler, if you look at this image can see that the Two Lines are held inside of this Plastic Bracket on the Radiator as highlighted within the Red Rectangle of the attached image. So if you first lightly pry the Lines loose from this Bracket as seen from above and looking down from the front of the SUV... then Pulling the Two Lines loose from the Two Transmission Cooler Ports in the Radiator after first removing the Retainer Clips will be MUCH easier.


When re-installing those Clips... the best way to do to hook one of the Three Indentations into any one of the Slots in the Port Fittings...and then rolling it around the outer perimeter until all three indentations seat around the Fittings. In this manner will avoid stretching those Spring Clips out of shape and risking the possibility of those lines backing out from inside of each fitting. Each of those fittings has a hidden Silicone Rubber Seal nested deep Inside that does all of the work of keeping the fluid inside of those lines... NOT the External Spring Retention Clips:

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The cooler lines can be stubborn, I believe I used a body panel tool with some pliers holding lightly onto the line, and pryed against the pliers.

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