Transmission Dipstick Broke, Stuck!


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Yep... Had a small fluid leak on my driveway form the area of my transfer case, and assumed I'm leaking transfer case fluid, but read that it could be transmission fluid from a seal between the case and tranny... Annnnnywho, I did a quick onceover of my other fluid levels just to be sure, but when I came to the transmission fluid, I noticed my dipstick had completely rusted off and is stuck somewhere in the reservoir. I can't see/feel anything, but the fill tube is dark, and I suffer from FFS (Fat Finger Syndrome), so it could be just a few inches into the tube. I did a quick Google search and came across a Ford Forum that said not to worry, that transmissions have a screen filter to stop any foreign bodies from entering. Please tell me this is also the case for my Trailblazer!!! I do plan on getting it in the very near future, but, I'm hoping it'll be okay for a day (or 3...or 4) until I can get this taken care of.

Speaking of which, is this something I can do myself? Or will I be forking over more large amounts of $$$'s to add to my mechanic's retirement fund?

Thanks for any and all help!


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Yes, there is a filtered pickup in the pan. You won't be sucking in a whole or rusty dipstick into the transmissions moving parts. There should be a bolt holding the dipstick tube to the transmission. Once that bolt is out you can just pull on the tube and it will come out. It's just resting in a grommet. You could fish out the rest of you dipstick this way as whatever is left is sitting partially in the pan and partially in the bottom of the tube.


Just remove the top bolt holding the dipstick tube to the engine and just pull it out. The broken piece will probably just be there depending on how long the piece is (from the way you describe it, sounds like it broke near the top). Get a new seal and a replacement dipstick. Maybe just pick one up and a pick a part yard.

first time I've heard of one of these rusting off.

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When I bought my truck a few years ago it was rusted off right at the end of the rubber seal on the stick. The stick was not in the tube though. It is really easy to remove it like previously mentioned, unbolt the tube and pull it straight out. It will leak a little fluid so you may want somebody there to plug the hole in the tranny with their finger or just work fast to remove the broken stick.

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