The Paul "Scanner" Danner Engine Performance Diagnostics 'Bible'


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Oct 22, 2015
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Well… My Long Awaited Arrival of the Paul “Scanner” Danner ‘Training Bible’ Engine Performance Diagnostics Manual finally happened today on Monday, March 27th, 2023:


What is interesting is that this Manual is peppered throughout on practically every single page inside this Thick Book on Engine Performance Diagnostics with all of the URLs leading back to THIS Link to his Main YouTube Channel where ALL of the "ScannerDanner" Training Videos related to the Chapters and Verses in this amazing manual are housed. If I was a Young Mechanic… Spending the necessary $120.00 for this Manual would be a Very Wise Training Investment for any Young Person’s Future:

RIGHT NOW... I AM Downloading EVERYTHING from This ScannerDanner Youtube Play List because From NOW On... whenever he says, "Okay Students...Turn to Page # XXX in Chapter # XXX of My Book..." I'll be able to Follow Right Along!!!:

PS. THIS is the kind of Information that WILL help in support of understanding How to Use High End Scan Tools and other Diagnostic Tools such as Oscilloscopes and the proper use of DMMs. Visit THIS Link for more Oscilloscope Training Information:

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