The look of 2012 Tahoe springs and 3 inch pucks


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Mar 23, 2019
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I know I pretty much gave everything away and the title but I wanted to make sure I caught everybody‘s eye that I was speaking to about adding the Tahoe springs and the 3 inch lift packs and I kid you not I had a 6 inch gap between the top of the wheel and the top of the wheel well I now have a 9 inch gap from the ground to the trailer hitch was 21 inches now it’s 24 1/4. So she sitting high and this is just a suspension it goes on Friday to have the zone body could put on which is going to add another two I cannot wait! The next step will be how big of a tire can I get on since I’m gonna be setting up that high.
Also making an appearance is the custom exhaust that I had made for the truck one pipe in to the muffler the muffler sitting where the resonator used to be and then two pipes out that are custom Mandrell bent with tool tips on each side and for I6 this exhaust makes the truck sound like I’m running a V-8 it has a nasty grill to it and when you get on it it doesn’t sound like a beef stock Weedwhacker it sounds like an off-road truck, tomorrow I’m going to take video and sound so you can hear what it sounds like in case anybody else is wondering if they want to do it to their truck that is whether providing we’re supposed to have rain all day tomorrow I’m hoping that’s not gonna happen but if it does then I’ll do it on Monday but until then enjoy the pics of my babysitting a high!
P.S. I know I have to cut the rear bumper to match the cut out for the exhaust on the passenger side that was there from the factory don’t worry it’s coming LOL


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