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Hey everyone!
I just want to make a review of this new auto polish I've tried. It's called Tech Shine and you apply it over a clean and still-wet finish. I was skeptical when buying it, but it's been on both my GMC and my wife's accord for just over a week now and the finish is still very smooth. Water beads like crazy, too. I know it's only been one week, but so far, it's living up to it's name.

I AM interested in seeing how long tech shine holds up to the hot Florida sun once summer comes around. I haven't found any liquid or paste wax, yet, that'll hold up for any more than a month or two down here.
I simply do not trust ceramic finishes by themselves -with no wax over top. I do have a few different ceramic coating brands though in my vast collection.

Application of Tech Shine is quite simple; After washing your vehicle, leave it wet and apply this with a wet sponge or wet micro cloth over all exterior surfaces, then simply rinse excess off with a hose. Dry the exterior as you normally do. Done!
I sometimes cheat and take my GMC out for a quick 40+mph ride to help remove most of the water beading. Come home and 80% of the surface is dry :yes:

Yes, it can be applied over all exterior sections. It does not dry to a powdery haze on black/cowl trim. Actually, it made the lower black trim on my Acadia come out pretty nice!

They call it a "Clear Coat", but it's just to sell a wet-activated paint sealant.

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