Sub box designs large and small.


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Dec 7, 2011
Okay, well since there is no more fee for services or vendors I think I will take this opportunity to do sub box designs for people. There are a couple things I should state first that people should know.

I am not a certified professional, and do not claim to be one. This is not my profession, it is a hobby.

I do, however, feel I am very good at what I do.

If I feel even the slightest bit unsure about a design I will refer you to someone that I feel has more skill than I do.

I am NOT liable for equipment damage when using my box designs. I cannot account for people who can’t control the volume knob, or properly tune amplifiers.

These designs are built around the sub you already own, or are going to get. These are not generic designs that will work with anything and will optimize your subwoofer.

What information do I need to start a design?

- I first need to know what vehicle is this going in?
- What sub (Brand and Model Number preferably) and how many?
- How much space are you willing to sacrifice?
- What amplifier are you using? (Brand and Model Number preferably)
- What type of music do you primarily listen to?
- Do you want a ported or sealed box preferably?
- What are you going for? (Sound quality, daily beats or competition)

What will you get with a box design?

- A detailed PDF or Document file that describes all the specifications of the box.
- A “Cut-List” for all the wood boards and sizes you will need.
- Built tips and tricks for construction of the box.
- Multiple images of the 3D design to help visualize what it should look like.
- I use Google Sketchup for my designs.
- A “Floor Plan” design that allows you to see the placement of wood boards from the top down.
- My lifetime warranty which includes a new box design in the event that
- My original design fails.
- You don’t like the way my design sounds.
- You decide to go with different subwoofers.
- Honest opinions and answers to any questions you may have.
- And of course, my best effort to get you exactly what you desire.

As of now these designs will be free of charge to establish a “Client Base” for lack of a better term. I will give notice if/when I do start to charge and even then the fee will be minimal.

Other Notes
I will post designs that I have done in the past so you get an idea of what I do in the near future.
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Dec 7, 2011
As I said I would earlier here are some examples of designs that I do. These designs are either my personal designs or I have permission from the customer to post them. All the boxes that I design for myself or local customers are built by myself.





4th order for (2) JL Audio 10W1v2's
















Dec 4, 2011
Just throwing this out there because I've been musing for a bit :undecided:

A while ago I bought a cheap sub box and a Kicker Comp 10" sub from ebay. Basically the box was virtually free with the sub, I'm not expecting much out of it as far as durability. It seems OK-ish and supposed to go on the passenger rear side in front of the storage cubby and above the wheel well. Here's a pic:

View attachment 17963

It just doesn't fit well and also I'm not exactly sure how best to mount it. The other thing I do haul a lot of stuff, so I was wondering is it possible to make a box that actually goes inside the quarter panel and have that 10" sub speaker where the cubby door usually is? I have a grille to protect the sub speaker itself.

I don't know, just musing and I'm not sure how much space is behind that plastic panel. I bought this thing almost a year ago now but with everything else going on and not being sure how I was even going to attach it I just let it sit in the corner with my other half-finished projects that I need to get done. I need to make a list, start at the top, and work on only one at a time until each one is done, and NOT add to the list until the last thing is complete.


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