Student Dies from Choking Incident


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Dec 16, 2011
This story is so depressing and off topic, but I just felt the need to share. It took place in my community, and it truly was tragic, and just goes to show us all to appreciate every moment we have been given. My heart goes out to this little girl's family. I have been told by someone that works at the school that she had allegedly choked on a hot dog.

Student who had choked at lunch dies
The Herald
Mercer, PA — An 8-year-old Mercer girl who choked Monday while eating lunch at school died Wednesday evening in Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh.

Aizeya Mattocks was called “Zeya” by family and friends.

“God needed another angel, and he got one today,” posted her aunt Jamie Mattocks at about 6 p.m. on the social networking site

Comments offering support, prayers and condolences flooded Zeya’s mother Amber’s and her aunts’ Facebook pages, where people also had posted updates on the third-grader’s condition since she was hospitalized.

The Mercer Elementary School student was talking and laughing while eating a hot dog for lunch Monday in the school cafeteria when she choked, Ms. Moore said.

From coughing, the girl went into cardiac arrest and school staff did the Heimlich maneuver and CPR and called 911, Ms. Moore said. Zeya never regained consciousness.


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