Stop Lamps Stuck On


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Dec 7, 2011
Went to drive the TB yesterday to find the battery was dead... Jump started it with the Astro Van and let it run for 30 mins or so and the battery appeared to be holding a charge. (shut it down and it started right back up no problem) About two hours later, my neighbor calls to tell me my lights are on. I go outside to investigate to find the stop lights are lit. (not tail lights, but stop lights- CHMSL and all) I wiggled on the brake pedal and the lights began flickering on and off. I pulled the brake pedal switch, pulled it apart, and cleaned the contacts. I also lubed the spring and plunger. I cleaned all the old sticky dried grease off of the brake pedal pivot and re-greased with white lithium. Now good as new. I don't believe the switch was the issue, rather the sticky dried grease that was all over the pedal pivot that kept the switch from moving freely.

Other than having to clean the throttle body because of an erratic idle and a rear HVAC actuator that went nuts from loss of battery power, (but seems to have reset itself after pulling the battery a second time while cleaning the throttle body) all is back to normal. :thumbsup:

Sorry no pics, but it was 20*F out last night while I was hanging out of the driver's side door under the dash. :quiverlips:


Dec 6, 2011
Good that you got it sorted out. I'm surprised more things with the peddles don't go wrong with all the dirt kicked up there that you never see.

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