stock bose premium head unit mod


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Sep 15, 2012
2002 trailblazer ltz, 4wd.

i have the bose premium enhanced deck with the lux amp in the rear passanger coner pannel. it has onstar aswell. (and no the onstar isnt activated.)

what i want to do is run the stock deck off a secondary battery. so that the main battery is for the computer and to start the truck. now ive been to the stealer and got the wiring connector info for both radios one in the front and the radio in the back aswell as the body controll modual (BCM) conector. now my question is this. can i use a toggle switch to turn the stock deck on and off with my secondary battery, and if so do i need to cut or modify the serial data line from the deck? or can i just rewire a new 12v+ line with fuse to the stock deck with the toggle switch attached?

i have two subs running off the stock deck and i did it for less than $60.00. just a bit of speaker wire and a wire converter to convert speaker wire to rca wire for the amp. and yes it does work. speaker wire tap from front door speakers to the wire converter to the amp.

I want the stock deck to be powered by the secondary battery, i do not want to buy a new aftermarket deck and that crazy expensive wiring harness to allow an aftermarket deck. i wanna keep the inside as stock as possible. i know that may03lt is great at these kinds of things and i would love to hear what he has to say on this subject. as well as anyone else who knows what there talking aboot or has done this with success.:thankyou:

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