Speed TV Bronx Parts Store Reality Show Casting Call!


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Phew...ok guys. Here's the deal. I was contacted by a casting director for this Speed TV reality series revolving around a Bronx, NY car parts store. :wink:I've got clarity on the show's premise and now, personally, better appreciate it. The show is focusing around the behind the scenes of a parts store that essentially guarantees that it can find ANY part! Hubcab for 56 DeSoto Adventurer....OEM Trailer Hitch cover for TBSS...T-56 trans for an SSR :dunno:. With that they are looking for guys who are restoring or building projects and need to track down parts.

They are looking for charismatic people with 'car problems' that the parts store staff can help with. Can't diagnose your problem? Can't find that special part? Looking for advise/parts for that special project? Can't figure out how to remove/install XYZ part? Stuff like that.

Shooting is in a few weeks and be an all day affair if/when your are chosen and scheduled. You will be compensated for your time and provided a discount for whatever part you need.

I'm compiling a short list of interested and auditioning parties. Here's your chance to be on TV and get your parts at discount. Interested parties please PM me with your geographic location, vehicle, vehicle problem, and contact info. :tongue:opcorn3:

Video show opening:


Seems pretty cool actually. Wonder if they could find me a bolt in sas kit for my truck?


Solid Axle Swap. Love to put a Dana 60 under the front end. There are 3 trucks with sas done by different people.

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