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Hey everyone. I recently bought a new set of 6.5 speakers for front and rear with a new hu. Just want to eliminate the bose junk in there. Anyway, the speakers I bought will not fit in the pods correctly especially in the front with the 8" subwoofers were. All 4 were removed today hoping to mount mine in the existing pods. Every site I went to said this truck takes 6 1/2 all around. Is there a trick to mounting these correctly or do I need adapter plates and if so, which ones. Thanks in advance.


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Options are to mod the existing mount plates to accept the 6 1\2" speaker. Make your own mount plate\spacer. Or purchase after market mount plates\spacers from a third party.

I used these this vendor when i replaced a neighbors blown bang & olufsen factory speakers in her audi with morel speakers. She ordered them from someplace online and they custom made the speakers to match the impedance of the factory system. I do not know what the factory speakers sounded like but those morel speakers gave me chills and a stiffy when paired with the factory stereo system in her audi.


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What Don said, you need adapters.


I guess it would depend on where the mounting holes on the speakers are, but if it was feasible for you... Get some door pods from a non-Bose junk yard 360/370, ditch the factory speakers, and drop your new ones into those?


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