ServiCom call centre in Sydney throws 600 out of work



ServiCom Canada announced the closure of its Sydney operation Thursday, handing pink slips to almost 700 workers in an industrial region already struggling with a stubbornly high unemployment rate.

The shutdown followed a bankruptcy protection filing by ServiCom’s U.S. parent, weeks of pay delays and promises of bonuses and pay incentives for workers who stayed.
Unlike an outbound call centre, ServiCom provided customer support to major firms, such as OnStar Corp., a subsidiary of General Motors, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, AT&T Inc. and Allstate Insurance company, Clarke said.
Apparently they also closed their US locations as well. Anybody really use/pay for OnStar? Sirius is also on its way out with online services like Spotify.


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Good folks up in Cape Breton. I had GM related business across the river in North Sydney just over 10 years ago. Magna had a plant there called Precision Finished Components. They made GM internal automatic transmission parts for the 4T40 and newer 5L40/5L50's. The 4T40 was at the end of it's life cycle and I don't think the 5 speed really gained much popularity. When the recession hit they closed it up throwing about 260 out of work. A couple of them may have migrated over to Servicom. Why do this at Christmas?


Seems like this sort of thing always happens around the holidays. That part of the country is always having hard times and trouble keeping jobs. Very sad situation that they also haven't been paid in a while and looking through past news stories, was a continuous issue.


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FYI - Found out a centre in Machesney Park, IL was closed a few days ago (and a Rockford, IL site had closed back in September). If I don't miss my guess, I think it's an issue of the entire company staying viable.

P.S. Agreed on Cape Breton; I first found out about that place based on a musician I like from there.
Hard times in the maritimes (not said in jest or to be just 'is', most all the time.) Kinda like our Appalachian region, although maybe a little better off.
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